International Travel Policy & Procedures

Office of Institutional Compliance and Risk Management

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A global perspective is essential to ACU’s academic mission, and the University has long supported international travel to conduct research, study cultures and languages, promote collaboration with peer institutions, represent the University, and for other academic, administrative, and sanctioned student activities. The University has a vast array of resources for supporting those leading and organizing international travel. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the Office of Institutional Compliance and Risk Management ( to familiarize themselves with the University’s resources, along with the International Travel Policy, the International Travel Approval/Notification Form, and the International Travel Checklist. The form and checklist are required to be submitted to the Office of Institutional Compliance and Risk Management at least two weeks before trip departure and before any travel expenses are incurred.


Chubb International Advantage Travel Insurance (Policy # PHFD38366257)

Download the free Chubb Travel Smart App. The app provides coverage information and includes a currency converter and Embassy information for every nationality. If you will enable Location Services on your smartphone, the Travel App will push information to you based on your current location.