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Information for Admitted International Students

Should you be granted admission, you will be given access to confirm your admission and pay your enrollment deposit. Once you place your enrollment deposit, you will be able submit your housing preference (if applicable) and select a meal plan.

In addition, after a student has been admitted to ACU, they are required to submit additional documentation in order for ACU to issue an I-20.

Required Documents: 

  • Copy of Passport
    See Submitting Documents for how to complete this step
  • Bank Statement
    Federal regulations require International students to demonstrate their ability to pay the estimated costs associated with living and studying at ACU for one academic year. Scholarships or graduate assistantships awarded by ACU may count toward the total amount of support needed. Bank statements must comply with the following:

    • Bank documents must be recent (within 6 months of the anticipated enrollment date), and include the names of the owner and the banking institution, as well as the currency type and dates. Listed below are samples of acceptable documents:
    • Current savings account statements showing at least 3 months of history
    • Current checking account statements showing at least 6 months of history. (Please note that only the funds in excess of the average balance can be considered available for use toward the student’s education.)
    • Official loan documents signed by a bank (not a line of credit or credit card credit)

Additional documents may be required at the discretion of the Office of International Student and Visiting Scholars

If you are submitting a bank statement that belongs to someone other than yourself, an affidavit of support is also required. This is a letter from the owner of the bank account stating that the funds will be used to support the applicant. If you prefer, you may use the Affidavit of Support form in place of a letter.

Submitting Documents: 
International students may send documents by:

  • Scan and upload using our Document Uploader
  • By e-mail to
  • By fax to 325-674-2966
  • By mail to: International Admissions, ACU Box 29000, Abilene, TX 79699, U.S.A.

After an International student has submitted qualified financial information, ACU will send materials that include a certificate of admission and an immigration document called an I-20. These documents will be needed to secure an appointment with the U.S. consulate or embassy in your country to apply for a student visa to study at ACU. To ensure all information in your I-20 is correct, we require a copy of your passport before sending your documents.