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Market Snapshot: Doctor of Nursing Practice

As the healthcare landscape becomes more complex, the demand for more advanced leaders and practitioners rises. This is especially true in the nursing field. As early as 2004, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) called for a higher level of preparation for nurses. The organization recommended that positions once requiring a master’s degree … Continued

What It Means to Be an Exceptional Leader in a Medical Setting

Doctors. Nurses. Technicians. Support staff. Everyone contributing in a healthcare organization affects patients and their families in some way. Providing quality care and running efficient, sustainable, safe, and compliant organizations takes effective leadership. The traits of effective top executives are common across industries, and some of these qualities and practices can stand out even more … Continued

Healthcare administrator

This Is What a Healthcare Admin Job Description Looks Like

In 2020, the median salary for medical and health services managers was $104,280, and it is predicted to rise in coming years. In fact, employment in this field is expected to grow 32% from 2020 to 2030—much faster than average for other occupations. While demand is high, healthcare administrators need to hold a wide range … Continued


M.S. in Management: Operations and Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in Management program at Abilene Christian University prepares professionals for Christian service and leadership in the global marketplace. If your career goals include Operations and Supply Chain Management, we can offer you specialized training in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Who Can Benefit From an MSM in Operations and Supply Chain … Continued


Leading the Way to Better Healthcare: Doctor of Nursing Practice

The online Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Abilene Christian University helps you grow as a clinician and a leader within the healthcare industry. You will serve others through God’s love and become a vital resource to your community. Who Should Consider the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program? When you earn a doctorate in nursing … Continued

family therapy

Helping Families: Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy

ACU’s online Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT) degree prepares you for a career that serves individuals, couples, and families. When you complete the MMFT program, you’ll have learned to provide your clients with guidance and pathways to healing—all through the lens of the tenets of Christian living. Who Should Consider the Master of … Continued

Organizational Development

On the Cutting-Edge of Success: ACU Master of Science in Organizational Development

The online Master of Science in Organizational Development program at ACU provides the knowledge necessary to create and maintain systems that are productive and effective in organizations and the practical skills for implementation. Our degree ensures our graduates learn how to meet the needs of public and private organizations, enabling them to successfully build cutting-edge … Continued

Master of Science in Management

Leadership Meets Innovation: ACU’s Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management program at ACU provides prospective leaders the needed tools to excel at business in today’s competitive atmosphere.  Whether you are looking to enter into the field of management for the first time, or simply want to build upon your undergraduate degree, the skills gained through this online program are … Continued

Master of Divinity

Prepared to Serve God: The Master of Divinity Program at ACU

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program at ACU explores the full spectrum of ministry.  With both a mission and ministry track to choose from, you will be equipped to delve into your calling. Further, you will find support  to gain vocational clarity and focus through faculty-led discernment mentoring. We provide specialized training for present and … Continued

Conflict Resolution

Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

The Nature of Conflict The Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation at ACU explores the nature of conflict. Conflict exists in homes, marriages, schools, churches and businesses. It can disrupt an educational or work setting and destroy peace and harmony in the home and family. Lifelong friendships can end, relationships can be harmed, … Continued