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Katherine Yeager

Faculty Spotlight: Katherine Yeager

As one of ACU Online’s best professionals, Dr. Katherine Yeager – or Kathy – is not only considered one of the top assistant professors, committee chairs within the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program but she’s also “just an avid learner at heart.” Known for her impressive teaching skills and grace both in and … Continued
Gen Z

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Gen Z

Every generation has something they are known for. Whether it is being seen as more loyal to their employers, valuing hard work, holding a strong work ethic, or focused on freedom in the workplace, one generation holds a strong emphasis on individuality and what experts call, the entrepreneurial spirit. Generation Z or Gen Z, categorized … Continued


Student Spotlight: Tosha Ochoa

The world needs people who are kind, considerate, passionate and, above all else, open to hearing what God has in store for them—people a lot like Tosha Ochoa, a junior in the B.S. in communication science and disorders program.  Whether it’s working with kids, adults or corporations, Tosha knows a thing or two about knowing … Continued

marketing manager

The Booming Job Market for Marketing Managers

Unlike some professions, marketing takes a special type of person that is not only creative but also business-oriented; completely focused on getting results and working diligently to ensure their stakeholders receive the information they need. As businesses continue to reach for new heights and profitability, the demand for solid and efficient marketing managers is increasing … Continued

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Christopher Cobbler

There is no one more focused on cultivating an environment centered on receiving and giving the Lord’s grace and mercy to the students, staff, and faculty of ACU Online than Dr. Christopher Cobbler. As the newest executive director for the Center for Vocational Formation and dean of vocational formation, Dr. Cobbler is working diligently to … Continued


Why Obtaining A Master of Education Is Worth It

It’s no secret that teachers are getting burnt out nowadays. From navigating Zoom classrooms to caring for children from diverse socioeconomically and ethnic backgrounds, to being asked to juggle more items than they can handle, teachers today are wondering if they truly knew what they were getting into when they signed up to become educators. … Continued


Student Spotlight: Katrina Pfefferle

Some people are born researchers – always investigating, observing, and curious. Others, like Katrina Pfefferle, are made for it. Known for her lively personality and acute sense of understanding complex biological concepts, Katrina perfectly embodies not only the spirit of Caris Life Sciences, but also the attitude and drive of a typical ACU Online student. … Continued

Master's Degree

Credentials Inflation: Are Masters Degrees the New Bachelors?

If you take a dive into the world of job posting sites, there’s a good chance that you’ll find employers seeking applicants with the preferred qualification of having earned a master’s or graduate degree. Whether it be in business, finance, healthcare administration, or even communications, more organizations are noticing a higher quality in applicants who … Continued

precision medicine

The Growing Field of Precision Medicine Analytics

The word analytics can sometimes sound more daunting than what it really is. For starters, analytics sounds mathematical, logical and by comparison, too intimidating for those who consider themselves less so. And while the field of analytics does involve taking into account statistics, computer software, and data, universities are seeing the benefits of offering certificates … Continued