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A Quick Rundown on the National Teacher Shortage

The national teacher shortage has been a hot topic of discussion and controversy since the pandemic in 2020. However, a recent study by the Economic Policy Institute noted that the national teacher shortage precedes the effects of COVID-19 and has grown due to the lack of qualified teachers, low pay, and increase in stressful environments … Continued

How to Prioritize Your Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health might seem like the latest buzzword floating around social media, but concern for worsening mental health in America is anything but a fad. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 1 in 5 Americans experience some form of mental health condition resulting in high depression, anxiety, loss, and disassociation. With worldwide issues like … Continued


Faculty Spotlight: Abbey Green

Serving others doesn’t mean forgetting about yourself. Just ask Abbey Green, ACU Online’s Student Wellness Manager and firm advocate for mental health awareness. Known for her spunky attitude and optimistic personality, Abbey understands that sometimes it can be hard to ask yourself questions about your feelings. How are you doing? Have you checked in with … Continued

Low-Cost, Free, and Alternative Mental Health Resources

Whether you’re a parent, spouse, employee, or full-time student, taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your life obligations. In fact, focusing on your mental health means more than just acknowledging the absence of a mental illness; it includes the active, holistic pursuit of your physical, emotional, psychological, … Continued


5 Quick Tips To Help You Find Your Perfect Internship

If you’re a current college student, you probably know how crucial a good internship is. Whether you are looking for ways to enhance your education or want to get a leg up on the competition, finding your perfect internship can be the ideal way to gain practical skills, real-world experience, and recommendations for landing your … Continued


Faculty Spotlight: Alicia Ramirez

In the true spirit of the purple and white, Alicia Ramirez wants her students to know how lucky they are to be a part of the longstanding legacy of ACU’s mission for quality education, vocational training, and service toward others. As assistant professor and program director for the Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and … Continued


Student Spotlight: Maggie Walters

With a 4.0 GPA and plans to graduate in May 2023, Maggie Walters is a stellar scholar of precision medicine. But she’s more than that—Maggie is a joyful servant, whose interest in the field of precision flows from an eagerness to help diagnose, detect, and halt cancer for suffering patients in the world. A proud … Continued


Student Spotlight: Asma Anwar

The beauty of the journey toward achieving one’s educational goals is simple; each is different, unique, and distinct to them. There is no mold, framework, or even roadmap for how life is supposed to be. And that’s definitely true for students like Dr. Asma Anwar. From moving across oceans to forming a family to pursuing … Continued

Purpose Behind Earning a Master of Divinity

A theology degree can be useful for those seeking to enrich their understanding of biblical interpretation and knowledge, especially if you are considering a ministerial or pastoral role. In fact, depending on your denomination, you may be required to hold a graduate degree in ministry or divinity to even be considered. Through ACU’s online Master … Continued


Student Spotlight: Chandler Delmas

Amid chaos, one thing holds true for Chandler Delmas – God is always in control, and life is never what you might expect. Finishing up her last few courses in the Master of Business Administration program, Chandler not only brings fresh perspectives to what it means to be a woman in business but also how … Continued