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Department of Language and Literature

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Steven Moore Language and Literature Department

Steven T. Moore, PhD

Director, McNair Scholars

Professor of English

Cole Bennett Department of Language and Literature

Cole Bennett, PhD

Director, ACU Writing Center

Professor of English

Dr. Eric Bontempo

Assistant Professor of English

Bill Carroll ACU's Department of Language and Literature

Bill Carroll, PhD

Assistant Provost for Graduate Program

Associate Professor of English

Laura Carroll, PhD

Executive Director, Adams Center for Teaching and Learning
Professor of English

Karen Cukrowski ACU's Department of Language and Literature

Karen Cukrowski

College Associate Professor

Kyle Dickson, PhD

Director, AT&T Learning Studio

Professor of English

Jeremy Elliott, PhD

Associate Professor of English

Culp Distinguished Professor of English

Carol Evans Language and Literature Faculty

Carol Evans


Bill Horn

College Associate Professor

Rankin Sherry

Sherry Rankin

Director of Testing

Assistant Director of Composition

Assistant Professor of English

Leslie Reed ACU's Department of Language and Literature

Leslie Reed Senter, PhD

Assistant Professor



Paul Roggendorff, PhD

College Assistant Professor

Shelly Sanders

Shelly Sanders, PhD

Professor of English

Writer in Residence

Joe Stephenson

Joe Stephenson, PhD

Professor of English

Dr. Beatriz Walker

Beatriz Walker, PhD

Professor of Spanish

Debbie Williams, PhD

Director of Composition

Professor of English

Todd Womble Language and Literature Department

Todd Womble, PhD

Program Director

MA English

Adjunct Faculty

Kathy Adkins
Daniel Archer
Cristina Chiusano
Danielle Coulson
Kayla Hewitt
James McGee III
Laura McGregor
Dr. Dave Merrill
Taylor Parrish
Dr. Darryl Tippens
Jared Ables