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Faculty Spotlight: Trinette Pierre

An advocate for preparing healthcare professionals to become better-equipped leaders in clinical and hospital environments, Dr. Trinette Pierre brings enthusiastic passion and hyper-focused skill sets to her students as an adjunct professor in the Master of Healthcare Administration program. Well-decorated with numerous awards, recognitions, and publications, Dr. Pierre is not only eager to teach students interested in managing clinical settings, but also to sow her wisdom and knowledge of what it takes to effectively lead, compassionately serve, and remain steadfast during seasons of change. Her nearly 30 years of experience in healthcare and private consulting also gives Dr. Pierre a unique ability to assist her students in every step of their journey toward reaching their fullest potential. 

Called to Nursing

Hailing from Louisiana, Dr. Pierre’s journey toward becoming a nurse didn’t start because she fell in love with the profession. It began when she witnessed her sister working as a NICU nurse. Dr. Pierre remembers seeing her sister’s passion as she served her patients and their families and decided she wanted to follow in her sister’s footsteps. 

“When I saw what she did and how big a deal it was, I just fell in love with it,” Dr. Pierre explained. “She would tell me how I could become a great nurse one day, too. And at the time, I thought becoming a nurse meant holding little babies. Boy, I was wrong.” 

Inspired by her sister and the belief that nursing was meant for her too, Dr. Pierre quickly obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Healthcare Administration and Management from the University of Phoenix. Becoming a travel nurse, Dr. Pierre hopped from hospital to hospital, soaking up all aspects of working around other physicians, nurses, administrators, and patients. After working in various hospitals, Dr. Pierre finally ended up at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, where she became a critical care manager. This position made an impression on her. As she learned the ins and outs of running a unit floor, Dr. Pierre quickly decided she didn’t want to move or work as a traveling, on-contract nurse. She finally had what she wanted. 

Serving as Parkland’s critical care manager was Dr. Pierre’s career for the next 10 years. Settling down into a more stable career after considerable hopping around as a travel nurse made perfect sense to her. “I just remember thinking, ‘My sister, family, and friends are here. Why would I want to move anywhere else,” Dr. Pierre expressed. “At the same time, I was finishing writing up my dissertation, working full-time, and spending quality time with my sister, who also lived in the DFW metroplex. I truly think it was only God that was able to place me where I was at the time. I was content and eager to see what He was going to do.” 

And while she was enjoying her work and seeing patients become healed,  Dr. Pierre knew that despite our content, God always has new things in store for us. She just didn’t know what that was – yet. 

Hearing The Call and Actively Answering

For the next decade, Dr. Pierre continued her work as a critical care manager and while trying to see what was next in store for her. During past prayer time, Dr. Pierre recalls when she felt in her heart that it was time to stop being afraid of leaving her nursing job. It wasn’t until 2018 that she finally heard something different. God was calling her into higher education. Amazed and surprised, she wasted no time and started teaching at various technical colleges, lecturing on everything from business administration to nursing and general education. Seeing the impact and importance of higher education for upcoming nurse professionals, Dr. Pierre was glad she started teaching when she did. Not only was she “talking the talk”, but she was actively walking it too. 

Seeing how much she was enjoying this new endeavor, she decided it was time for her to embrace her yearning to teach and lead healthcare professionals. And thus, her real goal was formed. She was going to open a private consulting firm for healthcare executives, leaders, and aspiring nursing professionals seeking to improve their leadership skills. Designing programs centered around employee engagement, provider satisfaction, and other developmental strategies, Dr. Pierre is now delighted to serve in something she loves doing. And while she still has a heart for nursing and misses it occasionally, it’s pretty clear to her; building and teaching at TRImani Consulting was what she meant to do. 

“All those years of working in hospital settings, insurance companies, contracting agencies, government-owned clinics, and nonprofit work is what prepared me for the work I do now. It has shaped me into the entrepreneur, professor, and healthcare administrator I am today,” Dr. Pierre said. 

Fast forward to today, Dr. Pierre is not only an entrepreneur but also an engaging professor in the Master of Healthcare Administration program at ACU Online. To her, ACU was just the place to teach students hungry for knowledge and fellow followers of Christ. And since Dr. Pierre is unafraid to speak about her faith and how it intersects with her career, ACU was a godsend. 

“ACU really has been the best place for me,” Dr. Pierre remarked. “It’s been the place where I can express my faith and incorporate it into my teachings, which has been the biggest blessing in my life. I have always wanted to do that and, for the first time, I can actually do what I love and am good at.” 

Hoping to teach more classes with ACU Online, Dr. Pierre is finally content with her life. By letting go and letting God take control, Dr. Pierre can finally be at peace knowing that her dreams of serving others, like her sister, have been accomplished. And that’s what keeps her going and her head held high. If you are looking for this type of mentorship in healthcare administration, visit our website or call 855-219-7300 to learn how you can enroll at ACU Online.

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