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What Employers Think About Online Degrees

Online colleges have become increasingly more popular across the world since the 2010s. From learning how to manage a business to obtaining the credentials to teach at the collegiate level, the possibilities of an online degree are limitless. Data suggests that online schools service more than 2.79 million students (15%) – and that number just keeps growing. Since the pandemic, students have found new ways to appreciate distance learning not just because of the reduced cost but also because of the benefits of flexibility of not needing to relocate or change jobs. And while some companies still prefer employees who attend college on campus, it’s clear that as technology improves, the skills acquired and courses taken by students at online institutions will become just as competitive as residential programs – if not more. Interested in getting the inside scoop on what employers really think about online degrees? Read ahead and see how programs like ACU Online’s are valued and growing in popularity with employers and employees alike. 

1. Employers Like the Flexibility of Online Degrees

Unlike traditional, in-person programs, attending an online school gives employees the chance to manage their time and resources according to their priorities. Removing burdens like relocating or quiting a job to complete your degree, employers feel more secure hiring online degree-holders or allowing current employees to seek online degrees because of the reassurance that such programs give space for more balance. Employers are more at ease knowing employees can manage tasks, meet deadlines, and finish coursework without compromising the company’s success. With over 71% of employers hiring a job applicant with an online degree, students looking to embark on a postsecondary online education (or who are currently pursuing an online degree) should be relieved that employers respect and value online degrees. 

2. Employers are Impressed with the Skills Learned from an Online Degree

Online degree seekers possess several skills that are easily transferable and practical for the workplace. Gaining expertise in collaboration, project management, and technical skills like knowing how to interact and communicate in an online conference setting like Zoom or WebEx, or how to manage timely projects for a specific deadline, or how to collaborate well with others in a virtual office have become essential to properly and effectively interact with other colleagues and supervisors in most 21st-century offices today. And while these skills can be learned in a residential or traditional program, online students seem most equipped to harness these. Online students also demonstrate higher levels of technical proficiency, especially since their courses required them to problem solve should a technical or computer issue arise with little-to-no immediate assistance. 

Not only this—as more offices have chosen to go hybrid or fully remote with their workforces—studies have indicated that the relationship between online learners and remote/hybrid coworkers and supervisors is stronger and produces even more engagement. This is unsurprising, considering online students are accustomed to making connections and completing major projects virtually. It’s no wonder why employers believe that online education students are ultimately better than those who have only encountered face-to-face instruction because of their technical and personal management abilities. Typically categorized as highly motivated and hardworking individuals, employers are more likely to notice the skills online graduates bring to the table right away, elevating their overall view on online degrees. 

3. Employers Care About Accreditation

Accreditation is like a stamp of approval from outside educational organizations verifying that a university is meeting and offering a certain level of high-quality educational criteria. Because of this, employers are paying particular attention and care about hiring students that come from accredited universities, like ACU, because of the added reassurance that they have the essential skills necessary to succeed and complete the work required of them. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), approximately 92% of employers view online degrees more favorably from recognized schools who also provide residential, physical programs as opposed to universities that only operate in an online setting (42%) despite their accreditation. 

Let’s face it. The days of finishing high school and attending a traditional university are changing. While many believe that online learning is of equal or greater value than traditional universities, the fact remains that there are many pros for employers who hire online degree holders. With an online degree, like one from ACU Online, you will become a responsible, well-functioning and impressive prospective employee because of the practical skills acquired and in-depth courses created by expert faculty members who understand what employers are looking for. Recognized as one of America’s “Top Online Colleges” by Newsweek, ACU Online crafts its undergraduate and graduate programs to develop students who are capable of fulfilling any job in their respective fields while proving to employers the value of online degrees as the future of education in the modern digital age.  

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