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Darbie Angell (’04) | Cru Dinnerware CEO and designer

Darbie Angell didn’t wish upon a star. It took hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit to make her dreams come true. But come true they have – and in a big way. Angell’s company, CRU Dinnerware, entered into a lucrative partnership with Disney that swept her into a magical world of creating designs for the global entertainment giant. … Continued

Zach Higgins (’13) | School of Information Technology and Computing

It was the university’s innovative approach to technology that originally drew Zach Higgins (’13) to enroll at ACU. But it was his experience with faculty in the School of Information Technology and Computing that made him realize he was in the right place. “Most of my friends at larger universities always complained of having to … Continued

Casey Orr (’08) | Teacher Education

When Casey Orr stepped out her front door on a cold day in December and noticed the temperature, her first thought wasn’t of the icy roads or a snow-covered car. Instead, she remembered a little girl in her third-grade class whose coat was too small. Her automatic response was to look for a coat of … Continued

Freedom Stones founded by ACU grads to fight human trafficking

Some are 12-year-old girls who have been prostituted in bars and brothels in downtown Bangkok. Some are young boys who have been forced into the fishing trade on the lakes of Ghana. Some are women who know they cannot return to their villages with the stain of prostitution attached to their names. Some are simply … Continued

Justin Whiteley ('16) | M.A. in Christian Ministry

Justin Whiteley thought getting a college degree at ACU was an impossible opportunity. Coming from a single parent home in which his mother and sisters didn’t graduate high school, he was determined to make his family proud by becoming the first person in his family to graduate from college. Justin’s grandparents were a big part … Continued

Leticia Cisneros (’15) | M.S. in Social Work

The passion to be a voice for those with no voice led Leticia Cisneros to pursue her Master of Science in Social Work degree at Abilene Christian University. “It became clear to me during my final year of my undergrad that my goals, visions and hopes to impact individuals with disabilities would best be achieved if … Continued

Danny Mercer (’13) | Doctor of Ministry

For some, the journey to victory can be pretty grueling. Such was the case for Danny Mercer, preaching minister for Friendswood Church of Christ near Houston. After suffering from a cancerous brain tumor, he beat the disease and completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at ACU in 2013. Mercer was two chapters from completing his thesis … Continued

Cliff Pruett (’14) | Biochemistry

Like many students who enter college, Cliff Pruett didn’t really know what he wanted to do. He was drawn to the field of medicine and thought perhaps he would find his calling in a research lab. “It wasn’t until the summer before my junior year when I did a research internship at University of Kansas that I … Continued

Kelvin Kelley (’18) | Communication

Kelvin Kelley has a passion to see students succeed. The son of a theology professor and a nurse administrator, Kelvin’s Abilene childhood was filled with all things ACU – meeting students, attending events such as Sing Song and visiting campus. When his father was studying for his doctorate degree, you could often find Kelvin in … Continued

De’Andre Brown (’18) | Kinesiology

ACU football is in De’AndreBrown’s blood. The junior running back’s father, Eric Brown (’92), suited up for the Wildcats in the late 1980s and early ’90s, and De’Andre was raised on his stories of Wildcat football. But when it came time to pick a college, the deciding factor was ACU’s commitment to its Christian mission. “I … Continued