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Leticia Cisneros (’15) | M.S. in Social Work


Leticia Cisneros (’15), M.S. in Social Work from Sacramento, California
The passion to be a voice for those with no voice led Leticia Cisneros to pursue her Master of Science in Social Work degree at Abilene Christian University.
“It became clear to me during my final year of my undergrad that my goals, visions and hopes to impact individuals with disabilities would best be achieved if I had a master’s in social work,” she explained.
Cisneros’ fieldwork placement within the special education program of Abilene Independent School District was a perfect fit for her to develop her passion into a profession. In her placement, Cisneros said she was able to evaluate how AISD functions within the community and how the different local, state and federal policies affect the district.
Prior to beginning her placement, Cisneros had worked with a preschool special education class as a teacher’s aide. During that time, Cisneros grew her passion for students with disabilities and developmental delays.
“I knew then,” Cisneros said, “that I would work with that very population and their families to try and fill the many gaps I observed while working in that position.”
In her evaluations, Cisneros assessed the discipline and attendance of Abilene students  and how various positive behavior interventions are used across the campuses. As she interacted with AISD teachers and programs, she was able to be a voice for students with disabilities.
“I believe I bring a different approach to the table than what is commonly seen because of my social work background,” Cisneros said. “And thankfully it is heard and appreciated.”
Cisneros is grateful for the hands-on professional experience she gained with her placement.
“My placement was the best opportunity that I could have ever received to help aid in my growth as a social worker who wants to one day work in schools,” she said.

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