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Faculty Spotlight: Drew Davis

Known for her smiling demeanor and love for children, Drew Davis, adjunct professor in the online Child and Family Services program, is someone who wants to make a difference in big and small ways. Whether she’s teaching undergraduate students the significance of child development, driving her kids to preschool, or serving as a child life … Continued

NEXT Lab director gains access, insight into U.S. Nuclear Navy operations

Abilene Christian University is breaking new ground with its Nuclear Energy eXperimental Testing Laboratory, or  NEXT Lab, creating exciting opportunities for students and faculty. A key example is Dr. Rusty Towell’s recent invitation to the U.S. Navy’s Distinguished Visitor Program, allowing a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s most experienced operator of nuclear reactors. As part … Continued


Faculty Spotlight: Jackie Halstead

Known for her soft-spoken demeanor and love for people and their spiritual well-being, Dr. Jackie Halstead works diligently to provide assistance and training for families and members of the clergy who are interested in pursuing a greater understanding of what it means to be spiritually transformed. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and professor … Continued


Faculty Spotlight: Maxine Notice

Working diligently around the clock to assist her patients and manage her online classroom, Dr. Maxine Notice, assistant professor within the Marriage and Family Therapy program, has made her mark as a caring professor and licensed therapist focused on getting people to where they want to be. Whether it’s guiding them through coursework related to … Continued


Faculty Spotlight: Jacqueline Bluitt

Hyper-focused on educating men and women of all races, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and stages of life, Dr. Jacqueline Bluitt is known as one of ACU Online’s most profound advocates and educators. Holding a strong emphasis in the STEM fields and secondary education, Dr. Bluitt sees her role as the Undergraduate Education Program Director to be … Continued

Katie Pitts

Faculty Spotlight: Katie Pitts

The aspect of active listening and understanding speech is not an easy skill to master. In a society full of noise and constant communication between humans and our personal devices, it’s people like Dr. Katie Pitts that stop, look, listen, and more importantly, study how people hear the world around them. Focusing on teaching students … Continued

Katherine Yeager

Faculty Spotlight: Katherine Yeager

As one of ACU Online’s best professionals, Dr. Katherine Yeager – or Kathy – is not only considered one of the top assistant professors, committee chairs within the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program but she’s also “just an avid learner at heart.” Known for her impressive teaching skills and grace both in and … Continued

2023 Teacher of the Year finds joy in student mentoring, relationships

The refreshing perspective of students who are new every four years offers a continual reminder of the joy of nursing for ACU’s 2023 Teacher of the Year. That freshness is what drew her to a career in higher education, and she says getting to walk alongside young adults during their college years inspires her own … Continued

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Christopher Cobbler

There is no one more focused on cultivating an environment centered on receiving and giving the Lord’s grace and mercy to the students, staff, and faculty of ACU Online than Dr. Christopher Cobbler. As the newest executive director for the Center for Vocational Formation and dean of vocational formation, Dr. Cobbler is working diligently to … Continued

Dr. Sotelo

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Marcia Sotelo

Dr. Marcia Sotelo might be new to her role as the program director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice for ACU Online, but she is certainly not to the field of nursing and education. Self-proclaimed as a lifelong learner, Dr. Sotelo has allowed her life’s work and experience to guide her to where she is … Continued