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Dr. Denise Barnett | Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Denise Barnett is one of the first faces to greet incoming students in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department. And she can definitely relate to these students. After graduating high school, Barnett left her hometown of Monahans to come to ACU and major in speech-language pathology. She had never even seen the campus before … Continued

Dr. Cynthia Powell | Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

“A very important movement in science education is the inclusion of inquiry-based experiments,” says Dr. Cynthia Powell, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry and director of the prehealth professions program. “Inquiry-based experiments require students to plan and execute their own experiments. And a lot of research has shown that this type of experiment helps students … Continued

Dr. Rebecca Hunter | Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Rebecca Hunter, associate professor of biology, has traveled to many places in her search for learning, including the deep waters of the Antarctic. She spent four months on a research vessel in the Southern Ocean, earned a master’s degree in wildlife and fishery sciences and a Ph.D. in biological sciences, and did research on … Continued

Haley brings advertising experience into the classroom

Having a great professor can change a student’s outlook on college. Joyce Haley, who teaches advertising in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, is that and more. Students love her spunky attitude and the way she brings an advertising agency feel to life in the classroom. In addition to teaching, she also serves as … Continued

Dr. Fred Aquino

Aquino’s love of teaching stems from love of learning

The irony of the last name isn’t lost on Dr. Fred Aquino. It’s pronounced “Aqueeno” and comes from the same root as “Aquinas,” as in Thomas Aquinas, the 13th century Dominican friar who heavily influenced Western thought and is regarded as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Both names derive from the town of … Continued

Nil Santana | Assistant Professor of Art and Design, Director of Maker Lab

The integration of technology into the 21st-century classroom is an essential part of the ACU experience. However, for professors in ACU’s creative arts programs the use of technology requires – ironically – more creativity. Today, there is a sense of communal construction of knowledge. Students are not restricted to the walls of the classroom, nor … Continued

Dr. Rusty Towell

Rusty Towell: Innovative scholar, down-to-earth teacher

Remember the adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” when meeting Dr. Rusty Towell (’90) for the first time. More to the point, don’t pre-judge Towell based on the cover of his scholarly books, publications and presentations. Don’t let titles like “Recent Measurements With the NIFFTE Fission TPC and the Potential to Advance Thorium … Continued

Dr. Mark Riggs | Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Mark Riggs’ area of expertise is statistics, but at heart he is a musician. And, he notes, the two often go hand in hand. “Many people seem to link an aptitude in mathematics with music, and I am no exception,” says Riggs, professor of mathematics at ACU. “I have played the viola almost all … Continued