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The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Gen Z

Every generation has something they are known for. Whether it is being seen as more loyal to their employers, valuing hard work, holding a strong work ethic, or focused on freedom in the workplace, one generation holds a strong emphasis on individuality and what experts call, the entrepreneurial spirit. Generation Z or Gen Z, categorized as anyone born after 1997, is comparatively one of the most adaptable and interesting generations to consider due to their early adoption of pop culture, journalism, and the internet. As such, more than 50% of surveyed Gen Z individuals consider themselves proficient in technology, causing them to be more intrigued by the idea of becoming entrepreneurs in various fields and industries. 

Interested in knowing more? Here are our top three reasons Gen Zers are going the entrepreneurial route: 


According to studies, Generation Z are more prone to work as entrepreneurs because of the flexibility it can provide. Compared to millennials, Generation X, and baby boomers at large, Gen Z have a deep longing for careers and jobs that allow for flexibility like remote work. Whether it be working from home, creating their own schedule, or managing their own employees, Gen Z are drawn to the idea of autonomy; making decisions for themselves and by themselves. Therefore, these individuals have chosen to cast their bets and create businesses and careers where they can control their work, profitability and processes. 

Opportunity to Make A Difference

Gen Z is not blind to the issues surrounding the world and society. Looking up to role models like tech giants Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerlberg, Instagram influencers like Zendaya and Billie Elish, or activists like Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg, Gen Z has seen what is possible when young people make their own roads; when they follow their calling despite what society has to say. Whether it is standing up for a cause or working to defeat systemic issues like racism or sexism, it’s no surprise that Gen Z are often considered the activism generation. As such, Gen Z finds ways to expand their knowledge on things related to entrepreneurial business or creative media in order to become changemakers. Seeking to become authentic, emphatic, and agile changemakers, Gen Z holds a strong emphasis on fortifying their vocational calling and professional development, while simultaneously trying to make a difference. 

Financial Stability

Recent studies have shown that Gen Z feels a great deal of anxiety and stress about finding fulfilling jobs that can financially support them long-term and through major life steps, like buying a home and starting a family. With over 50% of Gen Z saying they feel “extremely worried about not having enough money,” experts have commented that fears of economic turmoil, recession, artificial intelligence and corporate downsizings, has made financial stability a top priority for young adults. As such, Gen Z looks to entrepreneurial jobs because of the low financial risk it can pose since it is dependent on your work performance rather than your company’s. Plus, since Gen Z grew up in a digital age, surrounded by technology that has shaped their lifestyle and their approach to money, many Gen Zers leverage technology to pursue their passions and even turn them into successful side hustles and entrepreneurial ventures like being an online virtual assistant, tutor, or freelance writer. According to a survey, nearly 53% of Gen Z respondents have a side hustle, the highest of any generation, with no plans of stopping. This not only adds to their financial stability, but increases their odds of keeping a steady income despite any national economic fluctuation.  

Gen Z and Their Education

When it comes to their education, Gen Z is looking for online programs and degrees that align with both their career goals and overall lifestyle. Degrees that can teach them what they need to know to become successful business owners as well as cater to their individual interests. As noted by Business Insider, a big portion of Gen Z individuals aren’t as interested in traditional four year institutions and degree plans. Instead, they are looking for degree programs that can be customizable to meet their desired education but still rigorous enough to help them produce the outcomes they need with minimal debt. 

Through programs like ACU Online’s B.S. in Integrated Studies, Gen Z individuals can become multifaceted leaders by tailoring their interests to fit the job market and building off their previous academic work and experience. According to studies conducted by DataUSA, interdisciplinary studies degrees have grown by almost five percent in the last few years. With over 500,000 employment opportunities, interdisciplinary studies is one of the fastest-growing programs today. Rather than focusing on a single discipline, students pursuing Integrated Studies can choose two disciplines from various specialty areas, including liberal arts, social sciences, business, and technology. Gen Z can feel safe knowing there are many reasons to pursue a B.S. in Integrated Studies program. Built to cover a wide range of courses, this program offers the flexibility and ease of transferring college credits from a previous institution, making it easier for Gen Z students to strategically select an area of study that best aligns their career goals without losing time, skipping a beat, or being financially drained.  

For Gen Zers with an undergraduate degree under their belt, ACU Online’s Master of Business Administration (MBA), may be an ideal next step for those wanting to grow their leadership potential and expand upon their business acumen. With concentrations in general business, business analytics, healthcare administration, international business, marketing, and operations and supply chain management, Gen Z students can take charge of their career by taking classes focused on a wide range of business-related skills such as organizational leadership, networking, interpersonal communication, and management – all with the goal of becoming a well-rounded and exceptional leader post-graduation. 

As a university focused on the well-being of its students, ACU Online is a great place for Gen Z to cultivate their individual spirit of entrepreneurship, business, and vocational calling. The Gen Z population has many wonderful things to offer our world, and ACU Online aims to partner with such changemakers to help them in their academic journey. 

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