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The Booming Job Market for Marketing Managers

Unlike some professions, marketing takes a special type of person that is not only creative but also business-oriented; completely focused on getting results and working diligently to ensure their stakeholders receive the information they need. As businesses continue to reach for new heights and profitability, the demand for solid and efficient marketing managers is increasing due to their unique ability to understand markets, conduct audience research, listen to their constituents, and keep a close eye on the quality of their messages. 

What is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager oversees a company’s marketing and brand strategies related to their annual and long-term business goals. Whether it’s conducting an audience research initiative to understand their target publics, creating messaging to promote a latest product, budgeting for television, radio, or online ads, managing digital media including social media platforms, updating websites, or staying up-to-date on the latest trends, marketing managers can encompass a whole range of responsibilities. 

As such, positions for marketing managers undergo various job titles depending on the needs of the company. In a report conducted by LinkedIn, positions like growth marketing manager, customer marketing manager, and digital marketing manager, were among the top positions sought after by organizations both large and small. And while this can seem confusing, the bottom line is marketing managers are necessary across multiple departments. From brand marketing to event marketing to even product marketing, marketing is a skill that requires people to be analytical, thoughtful, collaborative, and an effective communicator – making this a highly sought-after career. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Marketing Manager?

Job Outlook 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of marketing managers is projected to grow 6 percent from now until 2032, deemed as one of the fastest growing professions. With over 34,000 projected openings each year, the possibilities of becoming a marketing manager are highly likely for those looking to switch careers or level-up within the next few years. 

Good Pay

Today, marketing managers are in the top paying jobs with a median salary of $135K, with some positions even reaching close to $200K depending on the industry. This beats out other business-related careers such as financial managers, sales managers, and business operation managers by nearly $50K – a pretty substantial wage gap. 

Job Satisfaction

According to several survey studies, marketing managers are typically pretty satisfied with their work-life balance considering its solid prospects to build professional relationships, get promoted, earn a higher salary, and expand into more executive roles. Because marketing managers often interact across various departments, they are highly team-oriented, typically leading complex work groups while managing team dynamics and conflict in order to successfully accomplish the goals of the project or campaign in a timely manner.  

How can I become a Marketing Manager?

Becoming a marketing manager requires you to have some knowledge of business, communications, or creative media which can be acquired through a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business. Through ACU Online’s B.S. in Marketing degree, you can focus on the basics of marketing and strategy implementation by connecting general business competencies with data analysis, communication, and brand management. With two concentrations in general marketing and analytics, you can expect to learn the various approaches to marketing including sales, research, and creative as well as find ways to harness the power of data to identify, understand and develop detailed messages for your specific audience. In classes like Principles of Marketing and Consumer Behavior, you will be introduced to fundamental concepts such as organizational behavior, marketing ethics, and business statistics to globally strategize for the results you – and your company – are looking for. 

Beyond a bachelor’s degree, you can become more specialized in marketing via a master’s degree which can open even more career doors. Within ACU Online’s Master of Business Administration, you can obtain the skills and perspective necessary to drive global impact as a marketing expert. Housing six concentrations, including marketing, this 36-credit-hour program guides you through courses that will help you cultivate your inner leadership skills, learn better decision-making strategies, and build your organizational intuition in order to be an ethical employee and qualified marketing manager. With courses like Digital Marketing and Social Media, and Applied Marketing Research, you can expect a perfectly curated degree plan to help you understand the diverse aspects of marketing including consumer-based buying motivations, research on the newest business and social trends, and various communication methods to garner the long-term results your company needs. 

The marketing field is complex, but worth it, considering the demand for marketing managers and the responsibilities they do on a daily basis. If you consider yourself a team player, creative, goal-oriented, and business-minded person, pursuing a role such as a marketing manager could be an ideal fit for you. For more information, visit our website or call us at 855-219-7300 today. 

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