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The Growing Field of Precision Medicine Analytics

The word analytics can sometimes sound more daunting than what it really is. For starters, analytics sounds mathematical, logical and by comparison, too intimidating for those who consider themselves less so. And while the field of analytics does involve taking into account statistics, computer software, and data, universities are seeing the benefits of offering certificates and courses related to analytics and other subfields, like medicine. Through ACU Online’s Graduate Certificate in Precision Medicine Analytics, you can begin learning how data and scientific research can be combined to become a powerful and potent career for those interested in cancer research. 

According to the American Cancer Society, there were estimates of 1.9 million new cancer cases in 2022 in the United States alone; many of which could have been prevented with early detection softwares and treatments. With over 609,360 cancer deaths, academic scholars and research centers have made it their mission to find new ways of upskilling current scientists with the tools necessary to keep up with the growing disease by learning the latest technology in oncological research. 

Machine learning continues to become more prevalent in biomedical science requiring a deeper understanding of genetics/genomics, immunohistochemistry, and histopathology. Using the latest technology resources like AI, scientists can begin to discover faster and more accurate ways of detecting cancer, finding treatments, and measuring patients’ care for a more sustained and reliable clinical future. In fact, as more data is generated in clinics and stored in electronic records through common tests and medical imaging, more applications of artificial intelligence will continue to change the way both doctors and researchers approach clinical problem-solving. In other words, the future of clinical research rests on the new idea of high performance data-driven medicine. 

And that’s where programs like ours come in. 

As a fully online certificate program, you will not only gain essential knowledge and skills to add to the growing work in cancer research but also advance patient care and treatments. Throughout the required 15 credit hours, this graduate certificate will prepare current clinical and laboratory researchers, base scientists, and medical professionals to strengthen their understanding of biomedicine and analytics. Diving into the vast spectrum of biotechnology and machine learning, you can boost your career opportunities with the added component of data analytics, one of top-paying career paths across industries and corporations. 

Along with a comprehensive and in-depth set of courses like Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Clinical Research Designs and Healthcare Informatics, you can be sure our certificate program will also include information about the current trends and strategies used in computer programming, all from the comfort of your own home. Taught by ACU faculty members and precision medicine scientists from ACU’s partnership with Caris Life Sciences, students will embark on a special journey toward understanding the importance of precision medicine as well as how their efforts can be a part of the grander conversation in cancer research. 

According to Indeed, applicants with a certificate in precision medicine in analytics can obtain roles and salaries such as: 

  • Data analysts, who are responsible for using their knowledge of data processing software and business development strategies to extract data figures, creating reports based on their findings, and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine business initiatives’ success. Base salary starts at $73K. 
  • Clinical or Medical Researcher, who design studies, perform research and collect and analyze data to prevent or treat diseases while identifying connections between certain conditions and illnesses. Base salary starts at $80K. 
  • Biotechnologist, who studies biology and develops products and technologies based on their research for manufacturing or quality assurance of products. Base salary starts at $111K. 

As you can see, these jobs only scrape the surface for those pursuing a certificate in precision medicine in analytics. From working in private clinics to major research institutes, the possibilities for those interested in cancer research are endless and fruitful. 

Learn how you can be a part of this growing field and advance your career in medical research. Contact ACU at 855-219-7300 for more information. 

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