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ACU Expands M.Ed. in Instruction and Learning Program with New Education and Teaching Concentration

Abilene Christian University expanded its Master of Education (M.Ed) in Instruction and Learning program with an Education and Teaching concentration, a pathway for current teachers seeking to advance their skills and expertise in order to respond to today’s industry and classroom challenges. 

“ACU has always sought to prepare educators today for the challenges they will face tomorrow,” said Dr. Stephen Johnson, chief executive officer for ACU Dallas. “Through our various partnerships with Texas school districts, including our Education Service Center Region 13 initiatives, we are elated to bring in a new concentration that can propel current teachers with the knowledge and skills to reach the next generation of students.”

ACU’s online Master of Education in Instruction and Learning program allows current educators to improve their craft by becoming master teachers capable of increasing learning for their students and peers. Seeking to educate instructors on how to handle the growing diversity of today’s classrooms, teachers can advance their careers by choosing one of three concentrations that combine data-driven decision-making skills with faith-based perspectives. Concentrations include Education Leadership, which equips teachers with the skills to oversee, communicate, and execute curriculum standards and student support systems; Learning with Emerging Technologies, which focuses on course development, problem-solving techniques, emerging technology methods and theories; and ACU’s latest addition, Education and Teaching

The Education and Teaching concentration is ideally designed for current teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree in a field other than education and have obtained an alternative teaching certification. Taught by ACU faculty and educational practitioners, this concentration is a great stepping stone for those seeking to further develop their pedagogical and instructional practices while simultaneously advancing their career goals.  

With courses like Humans at Work: EI, Resiliency, and Vocational Formation, Applied Digital Skills for Classroom Teachers, Creating Effective Learning Environments, and Assessing Today’s Learners, graduate students can expect to learn new ways of thinking, apply their knowledge alongside other instructors across the state, and prime themselves for future careers beyond teaching. These roles can include: 

  • Instructional Technology Coordinator: work with teachers and staff on developing  curriculum and effective learning strategies for technological teaching | $65,515 average income 
  • Instructional Design Specialist: use advanced technology and methods to design teaching materials for diverse learning environments. | $65,515 average income
  • Curriculum Developer: responsible for managing instructional materials, providing recommendations, and making adjustments to the current student’s curriculum to adhere to educational standards. | $64,020 average income 

Modern classrooms are more diverse and technologically advanced than ever before, leading to a greater need for qualified teachers. That’s why ACU is excited to offer various scholarships and incentives to educators in order to reduce their overall tuition price. Those who have completed an Alternative Teaching Certification program in the last five years may qualify for “Advanced Standing” and can automatically gain up to 9 credit hours toward their M.Ed. degree – a savings of up to $6,450. 

ACU is dedicated to developing Texas educators to meet one of the greatest challenges facing our K-12 students,” said George Saltsman, chief academic innovation and strategy office for ACU Online. “With various programs and initiatives focused solely on the success and well-being of teachers, ACU hopes to see an influx of support and participation through programs and concentrations such as this.” 

Visit our website for more information about our growing Master of Education in Instruction and Learning program. 

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