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Student Spotlight: Brittany Moore

Brittany Moore is a testament to reaching your goals despite life’s constant changes. An army wife and mother of two, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders in May 2023 to facilitate her career change from dentistry to speech pathology. Brittany is excited to offer her positive attitude and strong work ethic to marginalized communities who need care. She embodies the perfect example of a career-driven woman providing for her family, while also reaching her fullest potential with an online degree in one hand and a passion for patients in the other.

Changing States and Careers

Born and raised in sunny Navarre, Florida, Brittany knew she wanted to become someone successful without losing sight of the potential family she desired to have. She fell in love at a young age with her husband David and traveled with him for his military career. The constant movement of military life isn’t for everyone though, so, in 2016, Brittany was thrilled when they were ordered to move back to Florida. Looking to do something different and productive, Brittany enrolled in a dental hygiene associate’s program to begin working as a registered dental hygienist. At the same time, Brittany fulfilled a lifelong dream: becoming a mom. To her, the whirlwind of change was starting to become worth it. 

“My husband and I got married really young. Actually, right after high school,” Brittany laughed. “I was 18, and he was on active duty in the army. I actually had my daughter on my 20th birthday before I started my hygiene program. As you can imagine, it was a lot to handle. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t have wanted it another way. It was meant to happen that way.” 

Living life and enjoying the blessings she was given, Brittany recalls feeling a little bored. Her small family unit decided to make one more move before officially settling down. And just like that, they ended up in the Lone Star state. Amazed at the different cultures and job possibilities she could dive into in the Fort Worth area, Brittany felt something telling her it was time to change careers. Confused but also intrigued, Brittany talked it over with her husband and began looking into other paths that could allow her to combine her love for patient care with a new field of healthcare. It didn’t take long for her to stumble across speech pathology. Researching how the speech pathology field was changing and helping all sorts of people with impairments and disabilities, Brittany envisioned herself working in a clinic with kids. 

“After we moved to Texas, I was really just looking to see what else was out there besides dentistry. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I just wanted to see if I could do something more,” Brittany said. “I felt like I was led to speech pathology.” 

Mom, Student, and Healthcare Worker – All In One

Now certain that she wanted to get her bachelor’s degree so she could become a speech pathologist, Brittany googled multiple online programs that would let her keep working as a hygienist and take care of her family. After a few clicks, she found ACU Online. The rest was history. Reading more about the courses offered in the B.S. in Communications Sciences and Disorders program, Brittany wasted no time and quickly enrolled in the summer of 2021 with the hopes of transitioning fields closer to her graduation. 

Working alongside her peers and networking with faculty members, Brittany recognized the great benefits she received when she chose ACU Online including its flexibility and internal support resources. Connecting with her program director, Alicia Ramirez, and class instructors, Brittany felt like she was set up for success because of how supportive they were of her changing careers and other life commitments. 

“The program, specifically the instructors and the program director, were great resources of support for me,” Brittany said. “They help you in any way that they can. All I really had to do was keep track of my schedule, and they took care of the rest. The instructors were very understanding of the fact that most of us are non-traditional students. Most of us had kids, jobs, and homes and they took that into account every single day.” 

As a recent graduate, Brittany is where she wants to be: working as a speech pathologist assistant. She is not only eager to see patients but also plans to get her master’s degree in the near future. For now, she has entered into a season of gratefulness. She is grateful for her husband, who has supported her throughout her career changes and journey into motherhood. She is grateful to her program director for encouraging her to keep pursuing her dreams amidst her juggling commitments. And most of all, she’s grateful to ACU — from the way they set up their terms to the way they worked with her to finish on her time. Brittany acknowledges that if it weren’t for ACU, she wouldn’t have been able to be there for her family, dogs, coworkers, or herself. 

Knowing that life will still throw things her way, Brittany is ready and happy to go with the flow. Right now, she’s content, and that’s all she’s wanted all along. 

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