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Why Should You Get a B.S. in Integrated Studies?

Studying a degree like Integrated Studies aims to develop your strengths while tailoring your interests to fit the job market and build off your previous academic work and experience. Whether you want to start with existing credits or looking for a way to mesh two disciplines into one degree, our program can guide you toward your dream career. 

Ready to learn more? Read on to discover how ACU’s online B.S. in Integrated Studies can help you become a multifaceted leader in your field of study. 

What are Integrated Studies?

According to studies conducted by DataUSA, integrated studies programs have grown by almost five percent in the last few years. With over 500,000 employment opportunities, integrated studies is one of the fastest-growing programs today. Combining multiple disciplines, Integrated Studies enables you to develop a meaningful understanding of more than one complex topic. Often known as a project-based learning approach, integrated studies allow you to build your ideal degree to best fit your future career. Rather than focusing on a single discipline, students pursuing Integrated Studies can choose courses from various specialty areas, including liberal arts, social sciences, business, and technology. 

A B.S. in Integrated Studies can also be helpful for students with more than one career and educational interest. With the flexibility and ease of transferring college credits from a previous institution, you can strategically select an area of study that best fits your career goals and deepens your vocational passion without losing time or skipping a beat. 

What Will Pursuing a B.S. in Integrated Studies Look Like?

Uniquely designed to cater to varied educational backgrounds and focuses, there are so many reasons to pursue a B.S. in Integrated Studies program. Built to cover a wide range of courses specialized to fit your future professional goals, combining your passions with your skills is easier than ever. According to Dr. Scott Self, program director for the B.S. in Integrated Studies, while the degree has over a dozen combinations, three of the most popular combinations include “psychology and business, psychology and criminal justice, and leadership and business due to their less complicated prerequisites” — making it easier for you to start and finish sooner.

In addition to the ease with which the Integrated Studies program enables students to take advantage of their previous academic credit accrued at other institutions, Dr. Self notes how involved academic advisors are in students’ planning and development. According to him, “The advisor will often talk with the student at length to get a sense of what their long-term interests are.” Dr. Self also adds that, though “we have some requirements in how the fields have to be developed…we often work with the student’s own personal interests as we frame the degree.” Working collaboratively with an advisor, you will be guided through every step of the process and can be highly individualized in crafting your schedule.

Regardless of your degree combination, our program is specifically geared to teach you how to increase your understanding of general topics, comprehend global issues from different points of view, increase your ability to make educated decisions, identify problems with solutions, and promote an environment focused on community learning. With classes like Introduction to Critical Thinking, Integrated Studies Capstone, and Composition and Rhetoric, you can learn an immense amount of knowledge concerning more than just one area of study, making you a more well-rounded student and future employee. 

What Kind of Roles Can I Get With a B.S. in Integrated Studies?

Learning a diverse set of skills tailored to your chosen fields, pursuing a B.S. in Integrated Studies will equip you to pursue numerous positions in various industries to Indeed, applicants with a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies can obtain roles and salaries such as: 

  • Admissions counselors work for colleges, universities, and high schools to help students apply to higher educational institutions. National average salary is $39K. 
  • Public relations specialists work with businesses and public figures on communication efforts, including crafting and maintaining an organization’s particular and favorable image. National average salary is $60K. 
  • Financial advisors assist clients with making informed economic decisions by analyzing their financial needs and expenses and considering their income and objectives. National average salary is $69K. 
  • Project managers coordinate and direct project planning, design, organization, development, and execution across various fields. National average salary is $71K. 

With the world becoming more innovative and globalized, earning a bachelor’s degree in integrated studies can set you apart from other candidates and propel your career to new heights with unique skills. 

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