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Three Top Benefits of Online Programs versus In-Person

Created with the working adult and alternative student in mind, online learning has become a popular option to the traditional in-person learning model. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 5 million college students have taken at least one course online since 2020, with nearly 2.8 million continuing their education primarily online. Since the pandemic in 2020, statisticians have noted the uptick in online courses and transitions from in-person to hybrid or fully online learning environments. 

As the number of virtual students continues to grow, the benefits of an online education extends beyond its flexible nature making it more appealing to adults seeking to complete a degree. Whether you’re working full-time, a stay-at-home parent, or a recently graduated high school student, the advantages of opting into an online education program are worthwhile. 

Don’t believe us? Here are three top benefits of online learning versus in-person. 

1. You don’t need to relocate. 

Unlike residential programs, online learning allows you to work, play, and study from the comfort and convenience of your home – wherever that is around the world. By removing the burdens of relocating to a different country, state, or city to pursue your education, you can achieve your academic goals immediately. With software and educational tools like Canvas and Google Drive, you can listen to lectures, take quizzes, and ask meaningful questions without ever needing to leave your surroundings. By eliminating a reason for your relocation, you can continue to work at your place of employment without needing to take a leave of absence, risk termination, or collectively pay thousands of dollars in moving fees. 

2. You can keep your current job. 

Let’s face it. You’re juggling a career, family, and other life obligations, making the thought of returning to school difficult. But, through online learning, you can structure your coursework to align with your preexisting work and personal schedule. According to Academic Influence and EdTech magazine, over 60% of online students have full-time jobs – averaging at about every 4 out of 5 – making online degree programs an attractive option without compromising your current employment. As a result, more working adults seek online learning versus in-person because it can cater to their family’s financial needs.

3. Online learning is far more cost-effective for you.  

According to the College Board, residential four-year institutions’ tuition and fees have increased by nearly 102% within the last 20 years. With the ability to cut costs by eliminating such fees as room and board, meal plans, transportation, athletic events, and traditional student expenses, you can save nearly $60K for a residentially-based four-year degree. According to the Education Data Initiative, private institutions charge $61K for an online degree compared to $130K for an in-person degree. That’s a price reduction of more than half! By saving thousands on miscellaneous tuition charges, you free up considerable finances that can be used in other essential areas of your life. Plus, with ACU’s Locked-In Tuition program, you’ll pay the same price for your degree until you graduate, protecting you from future tuition spikes. 

Through our innovative programs, ACU Online is proud to be a part of the growing trend of bringing quality education to individuals interested in pursuing a higher education degree. With over 30 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs, you can start venturing into your desired career without sacrificing your wallet, family obligations, or personal preferences. Isn’t it time you started to see how you could benefit from online education? Learn how you can begin your online academic journey by contacting ACU at 855-219-7300 for more information about our online programs and benefits for alums, teachers, and corporate partners.

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