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4 Signs Conflict Resolution is in Your Blood

Have you tried to make peace ever since you were a child? Do you hate it when people fight, when you know there are always answers to every conflict? Are you the one who regularly steps in to solve the family drama at holidays and reunions? If so, a degree in conflict resolution might be perfect for you.

Problem solving … arbitration … mediation — many people have natural abilities to create consensus and soften opinions, even in very tough issues; however, innate skill is not as useful as skill combined with training. If you would like to transform your predisposition to keep the peace into a real career, you might want to consider a certificate or degree in the field.
First, though, it’s important to figure out whether or not this job would actually make you happy. Here are four signs that a role in conflict resolution is in your future.

1. You Empathize Deeply with Others
If you seem to feel others’ pain like your own, a peacemaking role may be a wonderful way for you to put that empathy to good use. Many people like the idea of resolving conflict, but if they cannot put themselves in other people’s shoes, they won’t get far. True conflict resolution requires you feel as each person is feeling so that you can relate their truth to the opposing party. Those who have this ability are often able to dissolve opposition and create two parties that now want to work together.
2. You Enjoy Listening to Others’ Point of View
To succeed in conflict resolution, you must be able to listen attentively so that all parties feel that their voices have been heard and their feelings have been validated. You must do this without reacting or opposing. It is entirely possible, during the course of discussion, that you will agree with one party more than the other. Outwardly, you must still display neutrality. This will become easier and easier as you practice listening to others’ points of view as though they were your own. If you already have an ability to shut off your judgment and just listen, you’re in exactly the right place.
3. You Enjoy Communicating
Negotiation involves dialogue, plain and simple. If you love to speak and listen, this is a great job for you. The ability to translate conflicting opinions into their basic component parts so both sides can truly understand the grievances of the others … that’s what it’s all about. Clear communication from you can help all parties maintain level heads, resolve conflict, reach consensus and achieve a result everyone can live with.

4. Have Faith in People and Providence

Sometimes resolving conflict is draining and may even feel hopeless. When that happens, you need something to fall back on. If you already have a natural faith in people and providence, you’ll be in a much better place to keep going when the going gets tough.

Conflict Resolution as a Career: Find Out More Today

Whether you’d like a certificate in conflict management to round out your career or are looking for a more robust program such as our Online Master of Arts in Conflict Management & Resolution, we would love to help you start your career today. With such a degree or certificate, you can help mediate disputes between family members, work associates, or communities. From here at home to around the world, conflict resolution skills make our world a better place.

For more information on how ACU Online can help you pursue your career goals and help keep the peace in our world today, contact us at 855.219.7300 or Our friendly staff would love to discuss your future and put you on the path you’re looking for. Don’t wait to start your new career today.

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