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FilmFest celebrates 20th anniversary with record-setting event

FilmFest returned to the Paramount Theatre April 19 to celebrate its 20th year promoting student filmmaking. This was a record year for FilmFest with 40 submitted scripts and 27 submitted films leading to the Gala premiere of 16 narrative, documentary and animated films. During the evening, students received awards for excellence in filmmaking in 15 … Continued
Costa Rica Mollejones workers deconstructing seats

Students in business consulting class make global impact in Costa Rica

Can something as simple as old leather airplane seats make a profound impact? For students in the College of Business Administration’s Social Enterprise Consulting class, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Last summer, six students embarked on a Study Abroad trip to Costa Rica, spending 16 days immersed in the world of Wearsos, a pioneering … Continued

NEXT Lab director gains access, insight into U.S. Nuclear Navy operations

Abilene Christian University is breaking new ground with its Nuclear Energy eXperimental Testing Laboratory, or  NEXT Lab, creating exciting opportunities for students and faculty. A key example is Dr. Rusty Towell’s recent invitation to the U.S. Navy’s Distinguished Visitor Program, allowing a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s most experienced operator of nuclear reactors. As part … Continued

Students sitting on the ACU lettering on campus

18 Must-Know Traditions for Every New ACU Wildcat

When you step onto the campus at Abilene Christian University, you’re not just joining a school. You’re becoming part of a proud heritage of loyalty and traditions that span more than 118 years of Wildcat spirit! We’ve got traditions that bring our community together, boost our faith, cheer on our athletes and celebrate what it … Continued

Carson Noack working in the facility

Beyond the Classroom: 5 ways ACU Prepares You for an Exciting Career

Learning isn’t just about sitting in a classroom. At ACU, we believe some of the most important lessons happen when you’re out doing things, whether in your own community or around the world. We call it experiential learning, and it’s a big part of what you’ll get in your education here. These experiences help you … Continued

Image of student praying inside of the chapel

ACU Chapel Unpacked

Get ready to experience the many facets of ACU Chapel, where worship comes alive with devotion, song and camaraderie! The whole experience only lasts about 30 minutes but the impact will last your entire life. Here’s what you need to know about the different Chapel offerings. Moody Chapel Moody Chapel is one of the university’s … Continued

ACU students displaying the Wildcat sign

20 Tips to Rock Your Freshman Year in College

You’ve done your homework, picked the perfect college, made your way through the admissions process and received your acceptance package. Congratulations! Now – as you eagerly await the first day of class – is the perfect time to start thinking about how to successfully navigate your freshman year. We asked Wildcats and former Wildcats to … Continued

Alumni feeding a giraffe at the zoo

12 Fun Things to do in Abilene, Texas

Beyond the boundaries of Abilene Christian University, the city of Abilene offers a welcoming community that will soon feel like your second home. Take a leisurely stroll through picturesque parks, cozy up with a book at a local coffee shop, or gather your friends for an unforgettable night out on the town! Abilene is your … Continued

Counselor talking with students

10 Best Questions to Ask Your Admissions Counselor

Starting college is an exciting and sometimes daunting step on your life’s journey. The choice you make will set the stage for a transformative chapter in your life as you learn, grow and forge lifelong connections. At Abilene Christian University, we want to guide you through the college search process as you make this life-changing … Continued