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ACU Chapel Unpacked

Get ready to experience the many facets of ACU Chapel, where worship comes alive with devotion, song and camaraderie! The whole experience only lasts about 30 minutes but the impact will last your entire life. Here’s what you need to know about the different Chapel offerings.

Moody Chapel

Moody Chapel is one of the university’s longest standing traditions. Multiple times each week, you’ll gather with the entire student body, along with faculty and staff, to worship together, often with guest speakers sharing insights on a biblical theme.

Departmental Chapel

Departmental Chapels intertwine spiritual growth with the celebration of community. Engage with peers and mentors within your major as you focus on the intersection of faith and your future career. It’s not just a gathering; it’s a gateway to forging meaningful connections with others in your academic field.

Small Group Chapel

Small Group Chapels encourage you to gather with friends who share your passions, whether it’s your faith denomination, residence hall, sorority or fraternity, or social justice cause. Together, delve into Scripture, uplift each other through prayer, and foster bonds that transcend the ordinary.

Friday’s Chapel

Friday’s Chapel, known as “Praise Day,” is an upbeat experience devoted entirely to singing worship songs. You won’t want to miss the Fridays when Dr. Steven Moore leads his popular rendition of “Highways and Byways,” complete with hand motions.

No matter which Chapel setting you find yourself in, one thing’s for certain – you’ll walk away with a heart full of love and a profound sense of belonging. Here at ACU, we’re not just a university; we’re a family, united in faith and fellowship!

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