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ACU Partners with TIEC and EduTech to Expand Higher Education Horizons in Nigeria

Unlocking New Avenues in U.S. Higher Education for Nigerian Students

In a significant global academic collaboration, Abilene Christian University (ACU) is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking partnership with EduTech Global Inc. and the Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) to enhance higher education accessibility for students in Nigeria. The association, sealed with a formal proclamation of partnership on November 15, 2023, signifies a collective commitment by all parties to provide opportunities for Nigerian students access to higher education programs and with one the the top national universities in the United States. 

TIEC EduTech partnershipFostering Intellectual Growth and Global Citizenship

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared vision among ACU, EduTech Global, and TIEC. Rooted in a dedication to transformative education, global accessibility, and cultural exchange, the partnership aims to foster intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, and global citizenship among students in Nigeria.

Key Commitments Outlined in the Proclamation of Partnership

Program Development: The institutions pledge to collaboratively develop and implement high-quality academic programs that seamlessly align with the values and standards of each entity. This commitment ensures a smooth transfer of credits and a holistic educational experience for aspiring Nigerian students.

Career Guidance and Counseling: ACU, EduTech Global, and TIEC are joining forces to provide comprehensive career guidance and counseling services. This collaborative effort empowers students to make informed decisions about their academic and professional futures, creating a robust support system.

Cultural Exchange: The partners will organize and participate in cultural exchange events, promoting understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives among students, faculty, and staff. This initiative aims to enrich the educational experience by exposing participants to a vibrant tapestry of cultures.

Global Learning: The three institutions are poised to explore opportunities for collaborative global learning initiatives. By encouraging students to engage in meaningful projects that contribute to societal betterment, ACU, EduTech Global, and TIEC seek to nurture socially responsible leaders.

A Commitment to Advancing Higher Education Opportunities

In signing the proclamation, Dr. Stephen Johnson, CEO of ACU Dallas, Onyekachi Ginger-Eke, CEO of EduTech Global Inc., and Robin J. Lerner, president and CEO of TIEC, affirmed their dedication to advancing higher education opportunities for students from Nigeria.

TIEC EduTech partnership

“Through this partnership, we are not only expanding educational horizons but also living into the very mission of Abilene Christian University — educating students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world,” said Dr. Stephen Johnson, CEO of ACU Dallas. “We are committed to nurturing a new group of individuals who will make a positive impact, guided by Christian principles, as they embark on their academic journey.”

This collaborative venture represents a significant step towards making quality education accessible globally. ACU is proud to embark on this journey with EduTech and TIEC, fostering a brighter future for aspiring students in Nigeria and enriching the global academic landscape.

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