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ACU Student Internship Spotlight: Yourim Cho

Yourim Cho, sophomore biology major from Seoul, South Korea, spent eight weeks of her summer in Nairobi, Kenya, completing a medical internship with CMF International.


Cho served in Nairobi, Kenya with CMF International this summer as a medical intern.

CMF International is a global missions team that works across 26 countries to create Christ-centered communities. The organization strives to serve, send and transform the world by connecting others with God’s mission. The Reach internship program, which Cho was a part of, is an eight-week program connecting young adults with ministry opportunities across the world.

Cho served with the Kenya Church Catalyst Team (KCAT) and specifically worked with their Community Health Partners (CHP). The CHP is run by Maasai Christian health professionals who help treat tropical diseases, immunize children, combat HIV/AIDs, counseling, medical treatment and other home-based care. The CHP currently supplies more than 80 percent of the primary health care needs for the Narok sub-county of Kenya. Cho also shadowed doctors and assisted them in the care toward their patients.


Cho with kids from CMF International this summer.
Cho with kids from CMF International this summer.

She found the internship through a mission fair held by ACU last fall.

“Helping people and learning more about the medical world in Kenya was something I really looked forward to,” Cho said. “One of the reasons I went for the non-profit is because I wanted to meet new people and go on a mission with people I am not familiar with.”

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— Connor Mullins

Aug. 23, 2023

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