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Why Should You Get A B.S. in Business Management?

The purpose of ACU’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Management is to produce competent and well-connected students with a robust and comprehensive foundation of knowledge and skills that they can effectively apply in the world of business and management. Sound like you? Whether you’ve taken some classes in business management or are interested in becoming a leader in your organization, our program might be the right fit for you! 

Not only will you learn the ins and outs of marketing, finance, operations, regulatory policy, information technology, human resources, and customer service, but you will also have the opportunity to tailor your education by selecting one of three specialized concentrations, each geared to a specific area of study within the field of management. Ready to learn more? Read on to discover how ACU’s online B.S. in Business Management shapes the next generation of managers for today’s global and growing workforce. 

Why Study Management?

Studying management is more than just learning how to manage operational systems – it can equip you to lead people effectively and efficiently toward achieving a common goal. It can also give you the tools and skills to start your own company, join an established firm, or venture into other business opportunities. Earning a degree in management can make you a more qualified job candidate, considering that it teaches you about organizational behaviors and employee-organizational relationships. While there are many management jobs, the job outlook for managers is projected to grow 8%  between 2021 to 2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As more jobs become available, the need for exemplary managers willing to go above and beyond will be a critical requirement.  

With the state of the American labor market and the ongoing Great Resignation, managers are becoming more critically needed for organizations seeking to create more inclusive and productive environments. By learning how to be in tune with their customers, be better listeners for their employees, and advance business processes, managers can become the support system for how the business functions and operates. Through ACU’s B.S. in Business Management program, you will be immersed in an education geared at helping you define the four critical functions of a manager while still leading you into a deeper understanding of human motivation and behavior for real-world situations.

What Will Pursuing a B.S. in Business Management Look Like?

Uniquely designed to form you into an effective manager, the B.S. in Business Management program is built to cover a wide range of courses tailored to fit your interests and future professional goals. With basic classes like managerial accounting, business statistics, global strategy, and marketing principles, you can customize your education by selecting one of our three concentrations: Human Resource Management, Leadership, or Operations. 

Directed at those who enjoy working with people, our Human Resource Management concentration teaches you how to effectively communicate protocols, procedures, and policies while still hearing the concerns of your employees. Covering a range of topics, including strategic hiring styles, retention efforts, understanding legal benefits, facilitating compensations, and encouraging workplace safety, this concentration is perfect for those who want to reinforce change from an internal perspective while still collaborating with leaders at the executive level.  

Aimed at those who enjoy envisioning strategies to move a business forward, our Leadership concentration teaches you the techniques needed for captivating others’ interests toward one shared vision, facilitating a planned business endeavor, and learning how to build a responsive team. Adopting the latest models for industrial and organizational structures, this concentration will jump-start your inner vision while pushing you to enhance your current formal and informal leadership mindset. 

Intended for those who enjoy solving problems and meeting quantifiable expectations, our Operations concentration teaches you how to develop a product from the ground up and ensure its delivery into the marketplace. Using the latest software for planning and production, you will become a master at logistically outlining your business’ vision and executing it promptly and responsibly.  

Understanding that each person has strengths and weaknesses, our program seeks to help you discover which concentration best fits your needs and uses your spiritual gifts to manage tomorrow’s industries morally. 

What Kind of Roles Can I Get With A B.S. in Business Management?

A B.S. in Business Management will equip you to pursue numerous positions in various industries. According to Indeed, applicants with a bachelor’s degree in business management can obtain roles and salaries such as: 

  • Client services managers develop and implement customer service procedures and train staff to follow established guidelines. National average salary is $55K. 
  • Office managers organize business operations and processes and act as administrative leaders for the overall workplace. National average salary is $42K. 
  • Financial advisors assist clients with making informed economic decisions via analyzing their financial needs, expenses, consider their income and objectives.  National average salary is $69K. 
  • Management analysts help companies find new ways to maximize efficiency by creating procedure manuals and conducting organizational evaluations to help design more efficient systems. National average salary is $51K. 
  • Marketing managers work with executives to develop strategies to increase sales and awareness for their organizations. National average salary is $61K. 

Regardless of the industry you’re interested in, the range of possibilities for those interested in pursuing a business management degree is endless. Whether you’re working in a small office or mega operation, earning your management degree can make you a more qualified candidate for all types of positions. With the increased interest in globalization and risk management, earning a bachelor’s degree in management could be the smartest and most financially rewarding move for your professional career. 

Are you interested in learning more information about our B.S. in Business Management degree program? Visit our website or call 855-219-7300 today! 

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