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6 Things to Look for in an Online MBA Program

Has business always interested you? Are you curious about the wealth of opportunity available to those with a business education, managerial skills or a background in the financial sector? Have you considered getting an MBA? If not, should you be considering it?

Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the title of this post … then you can probably guess we think the answer is yes.
There’s never been a better time to enroll in an MBA program. The outlook for business jobs is extremely strong. For instance, advertising, promotions and marketing managers can expect to make an average of $141,490 per year or $68.03 per hour, and jobs are growing faster than average at 6 percent, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand, financial managers make an average of $$134,180 per year or $$64.51 per hour, according to the same source. Those jobs are growing much faster than average, at 15 percent.

If you’re considering a Master of Business Administration from a Christian university, now is your time. It’s not enough to simply to head to the nearest school and plunk down tuition money, though; you have to make a smart decision.

Accordingly, here are six traits to look for in an online MBA program:

1. Vocational Formation
We believe the work you do matters, and that this world is a better place because of it – but only if you get the help and support you need. That’s why we put so much effort into helping you nurture the work-life balance practices that help you build your own career success and happiness. To that end, we offer webinars, weeks off between terms for true rest and relaxation, multimedia resources, and other perks to help you discover what brings you joy and fuels your passions.

2. Global Emphasis
Before you choose an online MBA program, make sure the one you have in your sights offers a global focus. The truth is, business takes place in a worldwide arena these days. Without an international emphasis, your degree may quickly become outdated. Look for teachers who currently practice business, and who hail from many parts of the country and globe.

3. Flexible Scheduling
One of the biggest benefits of an online MBA is flexibility. You’re a busy person, and chances are you don’t have a ton of time. By the time adults head back to school for a Master of Business Administration degree, they typically have jobs and family duties that limit their available educational time.

That’s where flexible scheduling comes in. Online options such as our MBA program allow you to “attend” class and complete coursework on your life schedule. That way, you can get your MBA without having to take time off of work or sacrifice time with your family.

4. Entrepreneurial Skills
Each MBA program has its own benefits and unique selling points. However, one thing that all programs should have is a focus on entrepreneurial skills. Even if you plan to work for someone else, you need those skills that will allow you to go on to work for yourself later in life, should you choose it. Look for programs that focus on capital, fundraising, business structuring and other basic tools of the startup trade.

5. The Right Focus
Before you apply to and enroll in a program, ensure the program will match your needs for the future. For example, you might have decided to start an MBA program because you want to become an advertising manager, or a financial manager or an international businessperson. Not every MBA program will cover every focus, so make sure you speak to the student advisor before applying to figure out whether or not your program of interest will meet your needs.

6. Cost
Affordability is big. Again, most people already have other financial obligations by the time they head back to school. If you’re among those for whom cost is a factor (ahem, everyone), it’s smart to seek out an affordable MBA. Luckily, online options are among the most cost-effective around. Of course, you have to balance cost-effectiveness with program quality, faculty expertise and institutional reputation, so always be sure to keep both in mind.

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