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Student Spotlight: Kimberly Fancher

Meet Kimberly Fancher

From small-town living to bigger-than-the-sky dreams, Kimberly Fancher constantly strives to live out her purpose as a believer and take on whatever stage of life the Lord is calling her to next. That’s why after getting married, having kids, writing a book, and cultivating a successful career in sales, she asked herself, “what’s next?” – a question that would later lead her to pursue an undergraduate degree with ACU Online. 

Faith, Family & Football

For this East Texas native, life revolves around three things: faith, family and football. As a wife to a high school football coach and a mother of two little girls, Fancher quickly learned how to navigate the work-life balance her life demanded. When they aren’t cheering from the stands at a football game or serving in their church, Fancher and her husband both hold Bible studies in their home – which is where she found the encouragement for one of her latest ventures.

Friends within Kimberly’s Bible study urged her to consider writing a book to share her story of pursuing a hope-filled life. After initially being intimidated by the thought, Fancher knew it was what she was meant to do. “It kind of just poured out of me,” she said. “It was definitely not a me thing. It was a God thing.” In December 2020, Kimberly published “Life After Grace” where she shares her testimony and vulnerabilities to help others find purpose after accepting God’s grace. 

Her kingdom-minded mentality doesn’t stop there. After being in worship one Sunday morning, she turned to her husband and said, “I think we’re supposed to foster.” Without a second thought, her husband agreed, catalyzing a new journey all on its own. The day they got the call that they were officially licensed to be foster parents, they also received the news that they got their first placement. From there, everything quickly fell into place as they welcomed a seven-month-old baby boy. Since then, they have fostered a number of kids and continue to see the blessings that come with pouring into the lives of children from broken homes. “True religion calls us to care for the orphans and widows,” Kimberly explained. While it has proven to be challenging at times, they are faithful that the Lord has gone before them and called them to this ministry for a reason.  

Back to School

As the question “what’s next?” started to take shape in Kimberly’s mind, she decided her next course of action was to go back to school. Although she enjoys her sales career, Kimberly realized she wanted to further her education if other career opportunities were ever to arise. This resulted in the search for a university that cultivated an atmosphere in tune with her beliefs and busy life. ACU Online checked all the boxes. 

After enrolling, Kimberly met with her advisors to create a degree in Integrated Studies that would help her explore her interests in both business and psychology. Throughout her time with the university, the support she found between her advisors, professors and peers has been overwhelming. “It’s almost like you have no chance to fail,” she said. “Everyone wants you to succeed and there is so much encouragement to continue to push through.” Fancher further expressed how the university facilitates opportunities that challenge her to understand and communicate the concepts she is learning by providing constructive feedback and peer reviews that motivate her to produce higher-level work. 

Designed to Succeed

One of the biggest blessings that Kimberly found through the online format was how the classes are structured. The online structure allowed her to design a schedule that is manageable with her career and family. “My goal was to continue working on myself and my career goals in ways that make sense, even if I needed to extend out my term.” Being able to pick up classes when life allows has been a game-changer for Kimberly and her family. While she wears many hats, ACU Online has provided ways for Kimberly to follow her personal aspirations and still progress in her educational journey. 

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