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Why Get an MBA?

For students interested in earning an MBA, the prospect can be both exciting and intimidating. This degree is highly coveted within the business world, and it has almost become a requirement for nearly any management position. But what is an MBA? Why should you get one?

What is an MBA?

A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a graduate degree that focuses on leadership, organizational innovation, data-informed decision-making, and ethics. Many programs offer tracks in various areas such as general business, analytics, marketing, and international business.

Why get an MBA?

You may be wondering, “Should I get an MBA?”. Many others have considered this same question. While people are familiar with the business doors that the MBA will open, they often overlook some of the other incredible advantages that come from earning an MBA. If you are considering entering an MBA program, here are 7 reasons why you should go for it.

1. You’ll position yourself for higher pay

One of the primary reasons most people decide to get a graduate degree is to obtain a higher salary. Many companies give pay advances to those employees who put forth the effort to earn an additional credential, and many business-related positions require an MBA as a starting point to get hired. If you want to earn more for what you do, advanced training is the key.

2. You’ll build connections and your network

Anyone who thrives in the business world recognizes the importance of developing relationships. These relationships are valuable resources for finding an incredible mentor or uncovering opportunities for advancement, just to name a few benefits. An MBA program offers an excellent chance to build this network.

Through your MBA program, you will get to interact with classmates who are just as driven as you are. These fellow students will offer you greater avenues for networking.

In addition to the students, you will also have the chance to network with professors and other industry executives. You can ask them questions, learn from their personal experiences, and gain from their insights. Forging these connections can help set you up for success following graduation.

3. You’ll learn how to build teams and foster teamwork

If there is one thing you will spend plenty of time doing in your MBA program, it is group projects. These projects will present a special kind of challenge as you attempt to bring together a variety of different people who are all highly motivated to do well and stand out from the crowd. Learning to navigate this environment will provide you with valuable skills.

While working on these group projects, you will grow in your ability to work within a team. You will learn how to work with people who might have different ways of completing tasks or have varying perspectives.

You will also get to nurture your leadership skills. The people who can lead diverse groups toward a successful conclusion will find that this skill translates easily to the business world.

4. You’ll create opportunities for personal growth

An MBA program will allow you to grow professionally, but also personally. The time spent researching and working through your program, while simultaneously balancing the demands of your family and work responsibilities, will refine your character.

It’s a refinement that will translate well into your career. The fortitude required to complete a degree program, along with the things learned in the classroom, will make you a more valuable employee.

Your personal growth and development also extend into your overall perception of life and your work in the business world. You will gain a higher level of professionalism and better communication skills as you proceed through the program. These will be assets to you both at home and at work.

5. You’ll learn how to manage people

For management positions, learning how to effectively manage other people is an invaluable and essential skill. Managing people is more than ordering them around or designating tasks. It involves understanding how to use the skill sets and assets of those within your team to maximize your potential as a group. It means recognizing how to keep people on track to complete projects on time, all without micromanaging.

Most young professionals in business school have had little opportunity to accumulate management experience. Therefore, the classes you take and the experiences you gain within your MBA program will allow you to garner this know-how.

6. You’ll open the door to new roles or career opportunities

Not only can an MBA help you advance your existing line of work, but it can also lead to other roles with your current employer. Or, it can help you transition to another company or even industry.

Many industries within the business world require an MBA at a minimum. Whether you are pursuing a job in finance, analytics, marketing, or human resources, advanced training is essential in order to meet qualifications. When you complete your MBA, you open the door to these jobs and roles.

7. You’ll increase your credibility

When you have an MBA behind your name, you instantly increase your credibility. Whether you are looking for a new position or are considering branching out on your own, that credibility boost will take you far. It shows those considering working with you that you are both competent and dedicated to your career, and also shows that you have mastered a specific field within the industry.

Earning an MBA sets you up for success in a number of different areas of the business sector. Not only does the degree build your resume, but it increases your credibility and provides a path for personal growth that will bring significant benefits in the future.

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