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ACU president affiliates with Excelencia in Education’s Presidents for Latino Student Success Network

Dr. Phil Schubert, president of Abilene Christian University, has joined the national network of Presidents for Latino Student Success (P4LSS) through Excelencia in Education, the nation’s premier authority on efforts accelerating Latino student success in higher education. The P4LSS network comprises a group of  presidents and chancellors who have committed to making their campuses learning environments where Latino, and all, students thrive.  

“Providing an excellent educational experience for all of our students is essential to our mission and a key component of our strategic plan at Abilene Christian,” Schubert said. “I’m proud to partner with other colleagues in this network to share resources, focus on best practices and collaborate in promoting Latino student success.”

Excelencia formed Presidents for Latino Student Success in 2014 to support institutional leaders who are transforming higher education to make the U.S. stronger with the contributions, skills and talents of Latino college graduates. Programs and initiatives that work for Latinos can serve other students as well, and thus the nation at large, said Sarita Brown, co-founder and president  of Excelencia in Education.

Through the P4LSS network, Schubert will collaborate with Excelencia and other postsecondary leaders to leverage collective expertise and resources, foster partnerships and amplify current efforts to accelerate Latino student success in higher education at the  national level.  

“Institutional leadership focused on intentionally serving Latino, and all, students is the hallmark of the presidents and chancellors in this network,” Brown said. “We are proud to catalyze and support them as they advance student success and grow talent for our country’s bright future.” 

Schubert joins more than 150 leaders who belong to the P4LSS network and lead the nation in enrolling and graduating Latino students. Although the network represents only 5% of the thousands of colleges and universities across the country, the network enrolls 32%, and graduates 34%, of all Latino students in higher education.

Wendy Kilmer

March 27,2024

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