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Faculty Spotlight: Maxine Notice

Working diligently around the clock to assist her patients and manage her online classroom, Dr. Maxine Notice, assistant professor within the Marriage and Family Therapy program, has made her mark as a caring professor and licensed therapist focused on getting people to where they want to be. Whether it’s guiding them through coursework related to becoming a licensed therapist or working with patients on their relationships and interpersonal issues, Dr. Notice is on a mission to help those around her by advocating for their mental well-being regardless of their race, ethnicity, or gender. Teaching across various universities, Dr. Notice is proud to work alongside the ACU Online family not only because of her students but also because they see her for herself. As one of the first in her family to receive a doctoral degree, Dr. Notice is beyond grateful for the opportunity to teach and lead other women of color toward their dream professions. 

A Lifelong Learner

Growing up in New York, Dr. Notice remembers attending church as a child with her Trindian mother and Jamaican father. Having been raised in the Church of Christ denomination, Dr. Notice learned various aspects of what it meant to be faithful, obedient, joyful, loving and hungry for the Lord and what He had for her life. Taught by an immigrant pastor from China, Dr. Notice also was exposed to different cultures and livelihoods; and more importantly, how cultures can bring something new to the table that has never been seen before. Needless to say, Dr. Notice lived a normal life in busy New York. She attended school, pushed herself to excel in her classes, and held a deep appreciation for multiculturalism in and out of the home. So, when it came time to go to school, Dr. Notice recalls feeling no pressure to attend – it was her choice. 

“My parents weren’t necessarily pushing for me to go to school,” Dr. Notice said. “They were more accepting of my decisions and just wanted me to be educated in something. It didn’t matter what, but in something. So, I got my pick on what I decided to study, which was great for me!” 

Attending the University of Maine at Presque Isle, Dr. Notice received her undergraduate degree in psychology, where her love for mental health and awareness was sparked. Wasting no time, she went on to pursue a master’s degree at The City College of New York where she became more proficient in mental healthcare through her degree in Mental Health Counseling. During her time at City College, Dr. Notice even began working as a case manager assisting teens and adolescents facing homelessness, domestic abuse, and other factors that required immediate assistance. It was during this time that Dr. Notice’s heart for therapy began to grow. 

“I remember seeing the torment these kids were going through and not being able to talk with them,” Dr. Notice said. “I wanted to, but I couldn’t do anything about it other than just listen. I wanted to offer assistance and resources, and change their circumstances but I couldn’t. So, I decided that I should look for ways to study kids like that in order to be a guide later on in my life.” 

Without hesitation, Dr. Notice applied and attended Antioch University New England, where she researched adolescents and worked with patients of all ages to receive her doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling. From there, the doors of opportunity began to open wide. Shortly before graduation, she was offered a position as a Medical Family Therapy/Behavioral Health Fellow before being offered a position as a Medical Family Therapy Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. As a research fellow, Dr. Notice was putting all her knowledge into practice by working with various hospital departments on research about behavioral health, community engagement, and internal medicine-related topics, along with teaching and supervising master’s-level therapists. 

She finally made it as a therapist. The question was now, what else was in store? 

Teaching and Making Her Way To ACU

Even as a kid, Dr. Notice remembers hearing about ACU. Her pastor, having been theologically trained at ACU back in the day, always raved about the university and all of its unique qualities for those seeking a Christian-focused education. Recalling those moments from her past, Dr. Notice has wanted to work for ACU since 2020. Yet, no positions were open. So, like the go-getter she is, she decided to wait and find more ways of amplifying her teaching experience in the meantime. Working as an assistant professor at the University of Central Missouri and adjunct faculty member at Antioch University New England, Dr. Notice worked tirelessly to earn her stripes as a faculty member; learning how to teach, how to present information in a way that is easy to understand and complex enough to think about. Then, one day, her job alert went off. 

“It was crazy! Like ‘ACU was looking for someone for their online Marriage and Family Therapy department?’ I jumped on it quickly,” Dr. Notice laughed. “They hadn’t hired anyone new for that program in years and here was my chance.” 

Within a matter of months, Dr. Notice became the newest addition to the program – and she’s loved it ever since. Maybe it’s her past training or maybe it’s the Lord’s guidance, but whatever the case may be, Dr. Notice is just grateful. Completing one full year of teaching at ACU Online, Dr. Notice says she does not regret one second of it. She’s glad the opportunity opened when it did. 

“I am so much more confident now as a professor than I was in 2020,” Dr. Notice said. “I see myself and my students, and think, ‘Wow, here we are.’” 

As one of the few women of color teaching, Dr. Notice is also proud of herself and how far she’s come. Looking back to all those people who have prayed for her to become who she is today, Dr. Notice is eager to make them proud and follow the calling she has on her life. Whether she is to continue teaching or finds herself in another place later on, for now, she’s excited to teach students what it means to reach for your goals, to be patient, and to be appreciative of those who have helped you get to where you are. 

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