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ACU launches official RangersU online courses to public

Abilene Christian University and the Texas Rangers baseball club today announced enrollment is underway for two college courses — Baseball History and Culture and Leadership Development — and continues through June 26, 2023. The courses are designed for baseball fans and the general public and taught by a diverse array of Texas Rangers management, Major League Baseball experts, and ACU faculty.

“ACU is thrilled to bring this initiative to all Rangers fans just in time for baseball season,” said Dr. Stephen Johnson, chief executive officer for ACU Online. “RangersU offers players and participants alike an opportunity to engage in an online classroom setting to increase their knowledge while focusing on their unique sports interests.” 

RangersUDubbed RangersU, the courses offer opportunities for baseball fans and others to foster professional development and personal enrichment through flexible online learning. At a cost of $95 per course, Baseball History and Culture will teach the ins and outs of baseball history, how it has shaped America through the historical integration of women and minorities, and further insight into sports statistics. Leadership Development will focus on exploring individual personality traits, leadership styles, and how to reshape the understanding of what makes a good leader, all through the lens of sports. 

“One of the reasons I got into ACU was I wanted to kind of expand outside of baseball and find something to challenge me outside of what we do on a daily basis,” said 21-year-old pitching prospect and RangersU student Tekoah Roby. “Part of developing in the baseball world and in real life is finding your identity outside of baseball, and one of those things that I’ve been able to add to my identity is [I’m] a student again. I hadn’t really taken classes since high school.”

As the official higher education partner of the Texas Rangers, RangersU powered by ACU courses provides opportunities for participants to foster their professional development and personal enrichment – all from the comfort of their homes. Taught by a diverse array of Texas Rangers management, Major League Baseball experts, and ACU faculty, each course offers seven-week engaging modules and discussions. Participants will interact with the same curriculum as current Rangers players who are aiming to improve their academic potential and career. 

“Developing these courses is a remarkable milestone in our partnership with Texas Rangers,” said Dr. Daryl Jones, ACU’s executive director of sports education. “By collaborating on this historic effort, ACU is eager to showcase its intentional and rigorous efforts to bring a quality education to anyone interested in enhancing their professional success.” 

Participants can enroll beginning May 15, 2023, for a small fee of $95 per course. Courses will run from June 27, 2023, through August 15, 2023. Courses are for non-credit continuing education. However, a student can elect to receive three hours of academic credit by submitting a learning portfolio and a $300 assessment fee. Learn more at

ACU’s online programs are administered through its branch location in Dallas and include 15 bachelor’s degrees, 15 master’s degrees, four doctoral programs, two undergraduate certificate programs, and nine graduate certificate programs. Learn more about ACU Online’s degree programs at

– Amanda Gibson
May 15, 2023

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