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Student Spotlight: Chandler Delmas




Amid chaos, one thing holds true for Chandler Delmas – God is always in control, and life is never what you might expect. Finishing up her last few courses in the Master of Business Administration program, Chandler not only brings fresh perspectives to what it means to be a woman in business but also how to discern the voice of the Lord even in times of trial. Working as a marketing manager for Amazon and earning several professional awards throughout her impressive career, Chandler is interested in continuing the advocacy around more women in leadership positions as well as elevating working mothers and the issues they face. 

A Go-Getter From The Start

Chandler always knew she was a creative and people type of person. Looking to get involved in something related to branding and creative thinking, Chandler moved to Norman, Oklahoma, to pursue her bachelor’s degree in advertising at the University of Oklahoma. Seeing how “right-brained” she really was, Chandler finished her degree and promptly moved back to Dallas, Texas to pursue her master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of North Texas. After completing her master’s degree, Chandler would be the first to say that she “wanted to become an expert” in marketing and was going to do everything possible to learn what it means to work and succeed in marketing. And she did. Working up the chain of multiple major companies for the next 15 years, Chandler found herself at the top of her game as the director of product marketing, loyalty, and subscription for Cinemark. An achievement that made her, and those around her, recognize her potential. 

And yet, she felt like she was missing something. Noticing how the business culture and its practices were changing, Chandler started researching MBA programs because she wanted to “get more updated teachings, relevant experience, and relevant knowledge for what [she] was experiencing in the work field at that point.” Looking specifically at programs she could complete remotely, Chandler fell in love with ACU’s mission, approach to teaching business practices based on Christian principles, and flexibility to fit her busy schedule. 

“I loved the structure of the classes and that each is only seven weeks long,“ Chandler recalls. “So while it’s a lot of work during those seven weeks, it really allows for you to have extreme focus, and it doesn’t allow for you to drop things through the cracks, which for me is very helpful just to have that kind of power over my education.” 

Eagerly starting to work through her MBA, Chandler realized she wanted to change some things in her life, including her job. In 2022, as employees began to shift roles and companies, Chandler felt the urge to also “try something new” and found her new role at Amazon as the senior marketing manager for Subscription Life Cycle in the Amazon kids’ division. Seeing how this was the perfect role for her, Chandler believes God and His perfect timing arranged the entire process. Not only was it amazing for her to witness, but it also served as a divine reminder of God’s sovereignty and provision during times of change – something she would need to be reminded of in the months ahead. 

Somber Reminders Of His Goodness

Like many working women excelling in their careers, Chandler wanted to not only become a powerhouse in the workplace but also raise a family who could witness the fruits of her hard labor. Having already one child, Chandler was giddy about bringing another life into the world. She was thrilled to receive the news about her second pregnancy. And then, in the winter of 2022, the Delmas family experienced a miscarriage. Feeling the pendulum between hopelessness and silence, the Delmas’ grieved the loss of their unborn child. If you ask Chandler what a miscarriage is like, she doesn’t have the right words. And how could she when few women ever speak about the realities of family planning and the hardships that can arise because of it? 

Choosing to not lose hope, Chandler continued to move forward in both her program and career. Then, the day came when Chandler again heard good news. She was pregnant – but only for a moment. Within six months, the Delmas family experienced two miscarriages – a profound loss for a family seeking to expand.

“It’s been difficult with, you know, balancing work and school and those kinds of emotional and medical issues, but it’s also kind of really put things into perspective like where I want to go from here,” Chandler says.

Stuck between furthering her career and expanding her family, Chandler is not allowing herself to dwell in a stage of despair. Through this whole tribulation, Chandler believes it has made her learn more about what it means to lean on God, trusting in His plan, sovereignty, and will. 

Looking Ahead and Choosing To Seek Christ

These days, Chandler sees the hand of Christ throughout her life more than ever before. From her time in Oklahoma to her years in the private sector to her miscarriages, Chandler has found peace in where she is right now, including her time at ACU Online. Chandler is thankful for the faculty members she has met during her program, including professor Andy Little. 

“During the first miscarriage, he was completely supportive,” Chandler remembers. “He continued to check in and provided additional resources for me within ACU. I just felt like that was a weight lifted off my shoulders at the time. It was important to me to keep doing my best work. I remember he just basically helped me finish my course.” 

Eternally grateful for professor Little and her other classmates, Chandler sees why people choose ACU over other universities. With their support and constant motivation to keep going, Chandler plans to finish her degree this coming December stronger than ever. Today, Chandler is not afraid of her story, nor does she want to hide it. Instead, she seeks to be an encouragement for other women looking to pursue a goal, whether that be professionally or personally. 

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything,” Chandler exclaims. “I never thought I would be in the position that I am today with nearly two master’s degrees and working at a huge company. You know, God will help sustain you through whatever issues you have going on. He’ll protect you and bless you if you continue to stay in His will and seek Him.” 

For now, Chandler is channeling her inner go-getter. Perfectly content with undergoing even more struggles and still aiming to please God amidst the storms that come her way. 

“I 100% don’t think that I could be here without His hand and all of the steps that led me to where I am today,” Chandler says. 

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