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Student Spotlight: Nancy Ofoegbu

Nancy Ofoegbu has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. She knew enrolling in a Master of Business Administration program at ACU Online would be a perfect fit for a hard-working, ambitious person like herself. She expected to receive an advanced degree that would equip her with the necessary knowledge and expertise to refine and grow her career aspirations. What she didn’t expect was the deep supportive community she found at her new school. Read how ACU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) staff and faculty helped support Nancy as a student and find out where she expects her professional endeavors to grow because of her time here.

Seeking Student Support

A Dallas native, Nancy Ofoegbu graduated in 2016 from the University of Texas in Arlington with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. From there, she has been pursuing a career as a senior risk analyst and also owns a fashion-styling business called GLO Styles LLC. Throughout her full-time position and side passion project, she realized the need to learn the logistical and managerial sides of both working in and running a business. 

In 2019, Nancy applied for ACU’s Online MBA program after researching numerous universities and hearing the advice from a friend, enrolled in the online program. Prior to enrolling at ACU, Nancy had attended a different university and felt a lack of student support. Throughout the entirety of her program, Nancy was continually encouraged by how committed the ACU faculty and staff were to her having a positive Wildcat experience. Her advisor, Krystal, made a lasting impression in her efforts to make students feel valued from Nancy’s first few weeks at ACU, to the day she walked the stage. “There were periods throughout the process where I was feeling discouraged and didn’t know if I was able to make it, but my advisor really encouraged me and helped me get through my courses,” she explained. 

Not only did Nancy find the student support she was seeking, she witnessed her professors going above and beyond to listen to her concerns. The MBA program’s finance and business analytics courses proved to be a challenge for Nancy, but one that“paid off in the end.” Due to post-traditional education and the remote learning structure, Nancy appreciated the ways her professors ensured students could complete tasks in a timeline that made sense and were available almost daily to answer questions. 

The online format accommodated Nancy’s busy professional career as well. In addition to the helpful scheduling, she was also able to find community within her courses with other students with similar ambitions. They created an environment where they helped each other out along the way. “We would have study groups and sometimes meet up virtually late at night in order to fit everyone’s personal schedules,” Nancy said. “Everyone was very supportive and understanding throughout the process.” This helpful, flexible group of fellow students proved one of the most impactful aspects of Nancy’s time at ACU; the online degree both fit her busy lifestyle, and she did not have to sacrifice connection or community.

Expanding on Her Expertise

Nancy graduated in 2021 on her birthday which she called “a gift to herself.” After completing this huge accomplishment, she’s excited to see how she can be a better asset to her company and grow her styling business that she started four years ago. “It benefited both parts of my career and helped the financial side of my business so I’m able to grow in the future.” 

While there were some early mornings and late nights during Nancy’s time as a student, she said that there was no better place to get her MBA. Her words of encouragement to students exploring ACU’s online programs is “to just go for it! If you just soak it up, communicate well with others and take it all in, you can make it to the finish line.” And Nancy’s results were very much worth it. Her biggest accomplishment to date is the amount of clientele she’s been able to build through her styling business and the relationships she’s made with prominent people in the fashion industry. With her MBA behind her, and new tools she can tap into to make her business flourish, the sky’s the limit. 

In the next few years, Nancy hopes to take her business full-time and scale it in numerous ways. Additionally, she hopes to translate all she learned throughout her experience to branch out into other business endeavors and follow an entrepreneurial route. When she’s not working, Nancy loves to travel, spend time with family and explore ways to express herself through her fashion.

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