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ACU Sing Song 2022 kicks off in new location


The men of Frater Sodalis rehearse for Sing Song 2022.

Abilene Christian University’s 66th annual Sing Song will be more familiar in size and style this year after pandemic restrictions impacted last year’s show, but the 2022 event will take place in a new location.

Construction continues on a major renovation of Moody Coliseum, the longtime venue for Sing Song, so the show will go on at the Taylor County Expo Center with three shows across two days: Friday, April 1 at 8 p.m. and Saturday, April 2 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets are available at

“We are so excited to be able to have our full show again this year,” said Courtney McGaha, director of productions and promotions for ACU and the multimedia designer and director of Sing Song. “Even though we’re at a different venue, the show will look and feel the same as it has in years past. Almost four times as many students are able to participate this year compared to last year, and some have been working to make this show a reality since early October. I know they’re all so excited to be able to show off their hard work!” 


Sing Song 2019

Sing Song is one of ACU’s most beloved traditions and one of the largest a cappella singing competitions in the world. Fraternities, sororities and other student groups of 25-100 each combine colorful costumes and props with songs and choreography to compete in three divisions:  Men’s, Women’s and Class. Hosts and hostesses perform song and dance numbers in between the competitive acts of the show.

The tradition of ACU Sing Song began in 1957 under the direction and inspiration of Dr. Robert “Bob” Hunter, vice president emeritus. During the early years, it involved small groups of students on risers singing songs with the original lyrics. In the decades to follow, the production evolved to feature groups of more than 100 students with elaborately designed sets, eye-catching costumes, choreography, cleverly re-written lyrics and long hours of weekly practice. Sing Song historically took place in February but has moved to later in the semester for this year and future years.


Students in the junior class rehearses their 2022 Sing Song act.

“We want to fully support university initiatives related to experiential learning and athletics,” said Dr. Tamara Long, vice president for enrollment and student life. “The month of February has always been a full one with basketball games, Black History Month and theatre productions. Shifting Sing Song to later in the spring allows students to fully participate in more activities throughout the entire academic semester, with less competition for resources.” 

The move also spreads out the work and preparation of Sing Song, allowing for less stress in those foundational first few weeks of spring-semester academic courses. 

Learn more about Sing Song or buy tickets.

— Wendy Kilmer

Mar. 23, 2022

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