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Student Spotlight: Summer Norment

Summer Norment knew her calling in life from a young age. From taking care of her sick grandmother at the age of seven to exploring a multitude of different healthcare roles later in life, she was certain her future was in the medical field. Above all, her dream is to one day open her own long-term care facility to serve the elderly and their families. In order to reach that goal, she knew going back to school to earn a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration was an opportunity worth investing in. She is now making her dreams a reality with the help of ACU Online. 

From Passion to Practice

As a young child, Summer helped her mother take care of her grandmother who was paralyzed, blind and suffered from an array of health issues. Instead of going into a nursing home, Norment’s grandmother moved in with her family, exposing Summer to healthcare for the first time in a very personal way. She took her grandmother’s blood pressure, checked her blood sugar, and listened to her heart with a stethoscope. From then on, Summer knew she wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of the elderly by helping them stay on track with their health as they age. 

Summer has been following her passion for healthcare ever since. After high school, she became a certified medical assistant, certified nursing assistant, and went to school to become a pharmacy technician. “You name it, I’ve done it,” she recalled. Norment wanted to experience each avenue of the industry so she would be well-versed for whatever came her way. She’s worked in dental offices, podiatrist clinics, and OBGYN facilities over the years, but her true calling is aiding the elderly. 

A New Love for Learning

Two years ago, Summer moved to Texas with her two daughters and is taking a break from working in the medical field and is currently teaching preschool in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. During this transition, she decided to go back to school to continue evolving her love of healthcare. After a lot of research on which university to enroll with, Summer got connected with an advisor at ACU Online who made her decision easy. All of the doubts or concerns Norment had about returning to school subsided as her advisor encouraged her to push forward toward her dreams. “The faculty at ACU is there to help you succeed at your goals,” she said. “I didn’t feel like they were just doing their job, but that they were investing in me as a student.” 

Norment began her journey with remote learning last January and has loved the benefits of an online platform. As a single mother, Summer vowed to herself that she would take time out of her life, no matter how busy it might be, to stay involved in her daughters’ lives. From cheering on her oldest at gymnastics practices to driving her youngest to preschool, Norment has found ways to balance being a mom and furthering her education through the flexibility that her program at ACU Online affords her. Growing up with a single mother herself, Summer saw her mom work tirelessly to provide for her family. “She heavily influenced who I am today,” said Norment. While it can sometimes feel like a lot to balance, Summer tries to take all the pressure as motivation and focuses on moving forward because it will benefit her daughter’s in the end. 

Throughout her first few courses, Summer has gained a new appreciation of the material she is studying and feels like she’s being expanded mentally by ACU’s curriculum. “It has given me a broad view of life and a detailed look at what to expect in my profession,” she explained. “Because the curriculum is updated, I’m learning new exciting things every day that I know will set me up for greatness once I graduate.” 

Making Dreams a Reality

Once Summer earns her degree, she’s determined to open a long-term care facility to pay homage to her grandmother and to improve her daughters’ futures. Norment has already scouted facility locations and plans to have everything up and running by the time she hits thirty-five. While at times she’s considered taking a break from her everyday hustle, she knows the industry needs individuals passionate about making the elderly feel valued and believes her time with ACU Online is helping her get a step closer to living out her childhood dreams. 

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