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Making Your Community Healthier with a Degree Focused on Public Health

Written by Meghan Hope, Program Director, BS in Healthcare Administration.

Are you looking for a career that improves the lives and health of people in your community? Do you find yourself interested in any of the following questions-

  • What steps can hospitals take to prepare and respond to natural disasters?
  • How do health systems around the world differ from our own?
  • How do policies affect healthcare quality and safety?
  • What are social determinants of health and how do they impact health equity?
  • How can healthcare managers positively influence the health of their community?

If any of these questions sparked your interest, then ACU’s online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration with a specialization track in Public and Community Health might be a great fit for your educational and career goals!

Following Professional Examples

National healthcare leadership organizations, such as the American College of Healthcare Executives and the American Hospital Association continuously emphasize the role of the healthcare leader in advancing community health, population needs, and diversity to combat inequity in healthcare. ACU’s online bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration includes a number of courses in Public and Community Health designed to help healthcare managers understand the needs of the communities they are called to serve. In addition, ACU’s program recognizes that the healthcare landscape is changing, and employers will require that employees have the tools to adapt to these changes.

Experienced Faculty and Courses Offered

Within our Public and Community Health track, you will learn from experienced public health professionals leading local and global responses to the COVID-19 pandemic along with healthcare experts dedicated to improving the continuum of care in their healthcare systems.

“A foundation in community and public health principles allows future administrators to focus on what really matters – ensuring better health for all and being resilient and responsive to modern healthcare’s shifting landscape,” remarks Dr. John Ngulefac, adjunct faculty within ACU’s Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program. Dr. Ngulefac also works as a Senior International Public Health Advisor with The Health Resources and Services Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Introductory courses in Epidemiology, Global Public Health, and Health Disparities introduce undergraduate healthcare administration students to the many ways in which healthcare is so much more than what is found within the four walls of the hospital. You will also explore ways that you can contribute to the wellbeing of your community as a healthcare leader.

Careers and Future Educational Goals

Whether you aspire to find an entry-level healthcare management role, advance your current job, or continue your education with a Master of Public Health or Master of Healthcare Administration, a foundation in community and public health will help strengthen your understanding of patient needs and how to steer meaningful change in healthcare delivery.

As a field, public and community health is growing quickly to meet the healthcare needs of communities and populations in the U.S. In fact, employment of community health workers and health educators, two popular careers in the field, is expected to grow 13% from 2019 to 2029 – much faster than the average growth for all occupations.

ACU supports your passion and calling. With our fully online program and leading curriculum, we can empower your future. Learn more about our BS in Healthcare Administration by visiting or calling 855-219-7300.

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