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Innovation in Healthcare: ACU Master of Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is changing radically. Innovations in technology and modified legislation have resulted in a shifting landscape—one that opens up significant opportunities for leadership. A master’s degree in healthcare administration offers a high-demand, fast-growth career path.

Many physicians are selling their private practices to hospitals, insurance costs are rising, and the healthcare needs of the aging population in America are growing. Within this field, effective administrators are greatly needed. Abilene Christian University’s Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program will provide you with the necessary education and credentials to secure a position and emerge as a leader.

Who Is the Master of Healthcare Administration Program For?

You are a perfect candidate for enrolling in the MHA degree at Abilene Christian University if:  

  • You are dedicated to ensuring that individuals and families receive top-quality healthcare.
  • You have a passion for transformative life work.
  • Your calling has led you to work in the healthcare industry with a desire to please God.
  • You wish to learn and grow in a university with a Christian perspective.
  • You see the need to lead prompt care and clinics with their exponential growth within pharmacies and community settings.
  • You desire to manage the needs of a new healthcare service delivery system.
  • You see yourself as a gainful contributor to aid entities to adapt and change as medical facilities evolve.

What Are the Program Benefits of the MHA?

The Master of Healthcare Administration degree at ACU has a unique mission: to prepare leaders in health organizations by focusing on innovation in the healthcare industry and exploring how faith shapes the ethical challenges of patient care.

  • You’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage in healthcare settings, with your learning experiences grounded in a Christian-based setting.
  • Through collaborative learning, the instructors and your fellow students will exchange strategic viewpoints on how to effectively lead a healthcare organization with a dedication to Christian values.
  • The college’s Christian atmosphere influences all coursework and interactions.

You will research and apply what you have learned to manage healthcare organizations such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Long term care facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Hospice centers
  • Home health companies
  • Physician practice groups
  • Other healthcare entities

What Will I Gain?

This MHA degree will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Establish techniques to maintain effective relationships with all stakeholders in healthcare.
  • Align personal and organizational conduct with ethical professional standards.
  • Fulfill responsibilities to the patient that are grounded in Christian values.
  • Understand and utilize technology to provide up-to-date knowledge on technical innovations that are growing at an unprecedented rate.

The Curriculum

Bridging the gap between your bachelor’s degrees and an evolving healthcare system is a key component within this degree program. The Master of Healthcare Administration degree at ACU has three tracks (Healthcare Operations, Leadership and General) and is offered online to allow for maximum flexibility.

Leadership Courses

  • Learn effective business leadership strategies that are based on the Christian mindset. 
  • Find out how to effect change in organizations and how to adapt to the rapidly changing field of healthcare management. 
  • Focus on identifying and finding solutions for the conflict that occurs in healthcare organizations. Conflict management and resolution is an important part of leadership as you follow Christ to work as a peacemaker in all relationships.

Professionalism Coursework

  • Learn how to be accountable and hold all those in healthcare accountable to ethical standards based on premium patient care. 
  • Evaluate your own behaviors and beliefs to develop goals for your own growth as a leader in the healthcare field. 

Legal Courses

  • Become familiar with healthcare law and important legal issues in healthcare. 
  • Focus on the ethical behavior of leaders in the healthcare field. 
  • Learn legal ramifications of changes in the American healthcare system. 

Healthcare Courses

  • Learn the fundamentals of health services administration and accountability. You will gain knowledge surrounding innovation and trends in healthcare. 
  • Obtain critical knowledge about healthcare organizations and delivery systems for healthcare services

Business Courses

  • Learn strategic management skills specific to the healthcare industry.
  • Explore how optimizing the revenue cycle enhances the patient experience and improves financial outcomes.
  • Dive into the concepts of healthcare marketing including research methods, planning data, and trends.

Start Your Career in Healthcare Administration

Innovation in healthcare is changing faster than almost any other sector of society, and its rapid transformation has become a hot topic in today’s conversations and media. There’s no better time to consider a career in healthcare administration.

ACU supports your passion and calling. With our online program and leading curriculum, we can empower your future.
Learn more about the Master of Healthcare Administration program today! 

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