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10 Jobs You Can Get With A Criminal Justice Degree

When people think of where a degree in Criminal Justice can take them, many of their minds go to the same few careers, but the truth is, these opportunities expand further and wider than most realize. Curious about what criminal justice roles you could pursue post-grad? Check out these 10 jobs to get with your degree. 

1. Police Officer – While it might be a given occupation for a recent criminal justice graduate, police officers are always needed in communities and are in high demand to enforce law and order. Police officers lead the criminal justice industry, keeping civilians safe from crime and danger. 

2. FBI Agent While differing from a police officer, a FBI (The Federal Bureau of Investigation) agent works for the law enforcement agency for the United States government. These individuals help protect the US national security and keep surveillance on any terrorist and foreign intelligence threats that may cross territory lines. They also work on any crime that crosses state lines including kidnapping, armed robbery and murder.

3. Crime Scene Investigator – Crime scene investigators examine crime scenes after something tragic takes place. They consider all evidence found and try to identify cause and reason for what happened and who could be responsible. They then give their findings over to forensic scientists to study the situation further.

4. Forensic Scientist – Forensic scientists don’t work on crime scenes, rather they take the evidence found by the crime scene investigators and study it in a lab to collect DNA and review everything found at the scene to ultimately lead to prosecution against any responsible parties. 

5. Fire/Arson Investigator – Fire investigators determine the cause and origin of a fire, whether caused by accident or on purpose. If the scene is determined to be an intentional blaze, then they will collect evidence and examine surrounding damage to identify who or what might have caused it and compare it to similar crimes. 

6. Game Warden – Game wardens are wildlife law enforcement officers who regulate fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities to ensure that wildlife is being treated appropriately. Wardens also issue licensing for fishing and hunting, as well as provide training to help individuals enjoy outdoor activities with respect and to keep conservation in mind. 

7. Probation/Parole Officer – Probation officers act as the middle-man between the law and the assigned offender that they supervise. These officers ensure the parolee is living within the confines given and equip them to make positive changes in their lives while on parole. 

8. State Trooper – State troopers regulate the law in terms of motor vehicle and traffic safety at the state level. They patrol highways and assist individuals if they are in need of medical attention or involved in a traffic accident. Additionally, state troopers have the right to ticket and issue citations. 

9. Cybersecurity Specialist – This role calls for technologically minded professionals to help preserve data and provide security for an array of cyber networks and data. Cybersecurity specialists monitor and respond to threatening activity to IT systems and make sure no information is breached. 

10. Lawyer – Getting a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice sets a great foundation for a successful career in law. Many professionals take this avenue to prepare them for law school where they will inform their legal theories and learn to advocate effectively for those they represent in a court of law for both criminal and civil cases. 

Earning your degree in Criminal Justice is no small feat. Each of these careers demand highly trained and skilled professionals to enforce the law and provide their communities with the utmost security and care. Luckily, many of them work together to achieve success in their jobs, so having a deep understanding of the field itself is invaluable. 

Not sure which career option is right for you? Check out or contact us at 855-219-7300 to learn more about our criminal justice degree program. 

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