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The Top Five Industries in High Demand for 2021

The year 2020 will forever be trademarked by COVID-19. It not only brought heartbreaking health challenges, record-breaking case numbers and months of lockdown, but also an economic recession that affected thousands upon thousands of employees across a vast number of industries. This left people out of jobs and trying to navigate a new professional world, post-peak pandemic.

The good news is, after almost a year of these challenges, industries are adapting and the job market is reopening. Check out the five industries set to surge in recruitment and regrowth in the new year:


The term “healthcare heroes” took on a new meaning in 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, numerous healthcare workers were asked to leave their specialty floors and practices to transfer to their hospital’s COVID units. As cases continue to rise, new strands of the virus develop, and vaccines are distributed, hospitals and private practices need all hands on deck.

Information Technology & Engineering

Have you become a work-from-home wizard via Zoom and other tech apps? You have computer analysts, developers, and programmers to thank. While students, professionals, and CEOs alike adapted to 2020’s new reality, the world relied on technology and software to learn, work, and connect with others during the pandemic. These tech-savvy individuals will continue to see opportunities in the new year to keep the ever-evolving online world functioning seamlessly and progressively. 

Counseling and Therapy

As days in lockdown increased, sadly so did the number of people experiencing mental illnesses, domestic abuse, substance abuse, job loss, and the death of loved ones. After a year ridden with fear and social isolation, trained counselors and therapists will find themselves in greater demand. Whether through in-person sessions or online screenings intended to cultivate connection via a camera, many people will prioritize the importance of self-help and engage with mental health professionals. 

Financial Management

To remain professionally profitable, businesses need the help of a skilled financial manager. These individuals are all about analyzing and advising to improve the financial health and future of a company or one’s personal assets. After a big hit to the economy, many businesses struggled to continue their current flow of operations and reach desired profit margins. As the world gets back on track, financial managers will be a necessity to each industry’s success and for the financial future of many Americans whose savings and retirement plans were altered in the last year. 

Digital Marketing

While the marketing and advertising industry took a hit in 2020, online activity among Americans has skyrocketed. This has posed new, exciting obstacles and increased possibilities for marketers to reach their customers through different means of modern technology. As businesses have begun to bounce back, they will look to these individuals to effectively market their businesses and e-commerce offerings, as they adapt to new consumer needs to regain brand recognition and exposure creatively to an online audience. 

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, there are always ways to further our professional aspirations. This new paradigm of learning has opened up new avenues to connect and communicate strategically and virtually, making a year of hardships, one of growth and opportunity. 

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