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Ministering to the World with a Master of Arts in Global Service

Pursuing an online Master of Arts in Global Service helps ministry students impact the world for God’s kingdom.
Christians want to live a life that pleases God. Those that feel called to a vocation of ministry and serving others want to know the best ways to help those around them.

  • They want to know more about their Christian faith and the history surrounding their beliefs.
  • They enjoy listening to and learning from those that are different from them.
  • They feel directly called to be the hands and feet of Christ in a society that experiences so much hurt.

At ACU’s Graduate School of Theology, the online Master of Arts in Global Service has been designed specifically for people with this mission. See how this degree program can prepare you for multicultural ministry.

Building a greater understanding of God’s world

Developing a better understanding of creation and the cultures found around the globe, you will explore theology, sociology, anthropology, history, and communication. Through looking at these various disciplines, you will learn how to build a practical ministry that will allow you to engage with people and connect with them on a deeper level.

While in this program, you will have the opportunity to reach out and engage with people from a number of different backgrounds and countries. You will even have the chance to participate in four one-week residencies.

Uncovering a vocation

Understanding where God calls you in life is one of the most important missions a person can experience. A life of international ministry is a special calling. It’s a life lived for God and in service to others.

If you want to be able to minister to people from different cultures, learning how to overcome cultural barriers that might hinder progress is critical. You need a keen understanding of the heart and nature of Christ so that you can uncover opportunities to nurture the spiritual growth of those all around you.

When it comes to effective ministry, cross-cultural sensitivity must go even deeper than it does in typical conversation. Within a ministry and church setting, unique social dynamics can develop, and you must know how to manage these effectively from a practical and spiritual standpoint. They must know how to meet the needs of those at the focal point of the ministry so that they can effectively grow their faith community.

Exploring the program

During the Master of Arts in Global Service program at ACU, you will analyze global issues and learn what it means to appreciate cultural difference to effectively share God’s love across borders.

You will take a set of core classes that will focus on the foundations of theology and missional practice.Courses such as Witness in Global Contexts, Leadership in Intercultural Contexts, and Reading and Engaging with Contemporary Cultures will prepare you to work with people from other countries and cultures. You will be equipped with the tools needed to connect with people and better understand their perspectives.

Meanwhile, courses that cover Systematic Theology, the History of Christianity, and Teaching Scripture in Contemporary Contexts will help you build a firm foundation of theology. These courses will prepare you to minister to and teach the populations with which you interact.

Upon completion of this 48-credit-hour program, you will have the skills and knowledge to pursue a career as a Christian leader in a global context. You will understand the challenges and issues facing modern missionaries and cultures. You will also know how to explore and articulate contemporary issues through the lens of Christian faith.

At ACU, we know that the degree programs we offer do more than just supply people with the credentials to fill certain job qualifications. Our programs equip people to pursue vocations and understand how God moves in their lives, and how God can use them to help others. Our master’s in Global Service will provide you with an innovative, real-world curriculum that will lead to a successful life of ministry and Christian leadership. If you are interested in learning more about this program and how it can help shape your future, please visit us on our website and read more about this exciting degree program.

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