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Must Read Blogs and Sites for MBA Students

MBA students must juggle a number of different balls to get the most out of their education. In addition to challenging graduate classes, they often have work and home responsibilities. Additionally, you understand how being current on the latest industry information can excel your education…but you do not have time to sort through the dozens of blogs out there.

At ACU Online, we want to make this process easier by highlighting a few professional blogs that do an excellent job of delving deeply into the work and leadership questions that emerging MBA professionals want to explore. Build up your reading list by examining these blogs and see what insights they can offer you as you build your professional resume.

All Things Workplace
All Things Workplace explores a number of issues related to a successful career as a manager or boss, offering advice for those who want to excel in positions of leadership. It delves into topics such as improving communication among teammates, conflict management, and managing diverse teams. It will help emerging professionals show their hand at leadership through articles that cover personality and communication styles as well as coaching and influencing others.

Lean In
The book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, launched major discussions in professional circles. This blog aims to continue the work begun in her book by providing professional women the guidance they need to find their place in their careers. Men will benefit from reading about how they can do their part to create a positive work environment for everyone. Women will receive valuable advice about dealing with issues that they might face in a corporation.

Harvard Business Review
The Harvard Business Review is a popular online business magazine that has articles and research covering almost everything imaginable pertaining to business. From pieces about motivating employees to research about discrimination in the workplace, this reputable site will provide professionals with valuable information about growth in management and how to succeed in an organization.

Bob Sutton
Bob Sutton, a Stanford Professor of Organizational Behavior, focuses on helping people understand and implement, evidence-based management. His colorfully titled books concerning workplace behavior continue to be popular in many circles. His blog, Work Matters, combines humor with excellent insights to create engaging, interesting articles that will help all those learning to lead within their own organizations.

Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist for Canva, the online graphics design tool. He also serves as a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz. Over the course of his incredible business career, he has served as a brand evangelist and ambassador for numerous well-known brands, written several books, and has given countless speeches. His remarkable insight can also be found on his website’s blog, where MBA students can gather information and tips for their own careers. Kawasaki covers a wide range of topics, such as engaging with panels, picking advisors, entrepreneurship, and launching businesses. Nearly anyone interested in an MBA and moving forward in their career will be able to find something worth reading here.

Culture University
Business today has become an increasingly global endeavor. Managers today have the benefit of working with diverse teams, full of unique ideas and ways of approaching problems. At the same time, however, they also need to make sure they understand how to balance and build a strong team and business culture. This blog offers insight about understanding business culture, how to shape it, and the factors that influence it.

Earning an MBA is an ambitious and worthwhile undertaking. Get the most out of your education by gaining valuable insights through blogs like the ones listed above. These resources will help you remain abreast of the latest in the industry so you can keep moving forward. To learn more about earning an accredited MBA from the comfort of your own home, visit us at or call us at 855.219.7300.

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