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What to Expect from Your Online Professors at ACU

Online learning has become a commonplace mode of learning, and certainly the most prevalent form of off-campus education today. Despite the institutionalized nature of online degree programs and the fact that employers increasingly throw their weight behind the practice, some prospective students are still wary. They wonder whether the educational experience will be as rich and, especially, whether the professors who teach their classes will meet their expectations.

We can’t speak for other programs, but we can tell you that here at Abilene Christian University, your professors are topnotch. Many of them practice in their fields and teach on campus as well. One more thing to consider: We only hire the best.

What Else Can You Expect from Professors?

Our professors offer a wide range of benefits to students in the online sphere. In addition to being accessible and deeply devoted to students, they also possess:

An Academic Mindset

Our professors maintain an attitude of constant learning. We don’t believe in stale curriculum, unchanging year after year. Rather, our faculty combine the newest trends in education with the latest developments in their industries to craft rich courses that will inform your career now and in future. They publish routinely, make contributions to their fields and stay connected to others in their industries.


Just as our professors maintain a continuous academic mindset so, too, do they bring their best to each class they teach. We vet each teacher carefully to ensure they bring their best to the table, and we always will.

Strong Ties to Students and Community

Our professors don’t hide behind online anonymity. Unlike some online universities, which only hire professors to check assignments, we make every effort to ensure our students actually know who’s teaching them.

Each month we feature a different faculty member in our e-newsletter, and share tidbits via Facebook spotlights such as this short academic manifesto by Brian Cole, Assistant Professor in the School of Education Leadership. We figure our students want to know as much as possible about the women and men from whom they’re learning, and we offer every opportunity to achieve that.


You can expect that your online professors will provide the same level of leadership our on-campus professors provide. They hold office hours, are available by phone and email, and take an interest in your individual goals. Each professor will guide you through the course, offering extra help where you need it, and letting you pursue your coursework independently where you want to.

We believe in creating knowledgeable students who are empowered to make a difference in the world, and we offer the leadership skills and role models to get you there.

Access to the Dean

Lest you think online education plays second fiddle to on-campus programs, think again. You can meet Dean Joe L. “Joey” Cope, J.D., a Texas attorney by visiting this page. Dean Cope received a Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University and his law degree from Texas Tech University School of Law.

Ready to Learn More Today?

While ACU has an online education arm, we began our history as an institution of higher learning more than a century ago. Founded in 1906, we have grown with the world, integrating cutting-edge technology and online learning developments as they became available. We prepare graduate and undergraduate students to serve in leadership roles here at home and abroad in the world.

No matter what your interest area, we would love to help you here at ACU. We provide quality, student-led and Christ-centered education, helping you achieve your dreams while doing God’s work. For more information on how ACU Online can help you pursue your goals in life and in your career, contact us at 855.219.7300 or

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