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Student Spotlight: Angela Logan

Mom, professional, student … Angela Logan does it all with a smile on her face. She’s busy, but excited for the next phase in her life. Currently, she lives in Hutchinson, Kansas with her husband, where they raise one daughter and three sons — all in their preteens and teens. She is also the secretary for Hutchinson Community College’s science department, and of course, is on the path to receiving her Master of Divinity from ACU Online.

All in the Family

Angela is not the only family member currently pursuing a college education. She works at her local community college not only because it’s a “good, not difficult job while [she’s] studying,” but also because it allows her son to take dual-credit classes while he’s still a high school student. She’s excited for her son’s journey, but also feels fortunate that her job allows her to do a lot of studying on the clock after the work is done.

A Biblical Background

As an undergraduate, Angela attended Ozark Christian College in Joplin. There, she earned her Bachelor of Biblical Literature with an emphasis in Music Ministry.

Like many Christians, Angela has “served on a volunteer basis in churches [her] entire adult life.” During much of that time, she drew on her background in music to support her husband (a high school music teacher) with his forays into music ministry.

Today, she volunteers for her church’s music ministry team, often taking on a leadership role. She is also the ministry leader for her church’s adult Bible classes.

By earning her master’s degree, Angela might be able to pursue a ministry career. Although grateful for her current position and the opportunity to send her son to community college, she’s eager to explore what God has planned for her with her master’s degree in hand.

Choosing ACU

Determined to advance education at her church, Angela realized that her valued mentor could only take her so far. An Abilene Christian University graduate, this wise mentor encouraged Angela to pursue graduate-level education. Once he realized she was determined to study online, he urged her to contact a friend at ACU and “talk to her about Abilene.”

Upon learning more about ACU, Angela realized that it would fit perfectly into her schedule. She was initially concerned about the periodic face-to-face intensive classes, but now recognizes that “other universities require twice that much.”

Excited to find fulfilling work in the church, Angela initially enrolled in ACU’s Master of Arts in Christian Ministry program. She quickly realized, however, that as a female in a restoration movement church, she might encounter fewer professional opportunities. She transitioned to the Master of Divinity program in hopes that it would “open more doors” for her.

Mentors and Peers

While Angela’s primary goal in attending ACU was to avoid transplanting her family, she’s embraced her program and fostered strong camaraderie with both professors and students. She’s especially close with her advisor, Mindi Thompson, who she feels she can call at any time. She also loves her classmates, even though she rarely gets to see them face-to-face. She appreciates that they’re so kind and encouraging. As non-traditional students, everybody in Angela’s online program wants to help each other learn.

Angela loves that her instructors and fellow students understand the realities of juggling several hats while attending graduate school online. Her instructors are “willing to give you grace because they know sometimes three of your four kids are sick at the same time, and you just can’t let go and do an assignment.” They understand that, while education is important, family comes first.

Waiting on God’s Plan

While Angela views her Master of Divinity as a step in the right direction, she’s not quite positive how the next step will look. At this point, she’s waiting on God’s direction. She’s not interested in uprooting her family, as her husband and kids are already integrated into the Hutchinson community. She would love to take on a ministry role in Hutchinson one day but is open to working at a Christian college or university if the opportunity arises. Either way, her Master of Divinity will prepare her not only to excel, but also to wait patiently to see “where God opens the door and sends me.”

Ultimately, Angela Logan wants to serve in a “discipleship ministry area or a worship area…bringing people into interaction with God.” She feels that ACU has prepared her for this important role. Already, she’s applying lessons learned in class to her everyday life. She has learned “how to step into somebody else’s perspective and see what they see … with as much validity as my own perspective.” These lessons have transformed her life and will eventually allow her to shine a light for others.

Can you relate to Angela Logan’s story? You may also be called to advance your ministry career. Learn more about the M.Div. program at ACU Online.

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