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DNP Decisions: 5 Reasons to Earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice Today

You love nursing. It’s all about helping people, making a difference in the lives of families and individuals who are hurting, and learning about one of the most fascinating machines on Planet Earth: the human body. What’s not to like?

If you want to take your nursing career to a higher level, though, it’s sometimes difficult to decide which direction in which to take it. There exist a number of higher degree options, any one of which can transform your career for the better. One of the most widely respected of these is the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

With the DNP in hand, you can have your pick of locations and facilities. You can work on the most interesting cases and help crack the toughest medical conditions. And you can do it all with a focus on the faith that means so much to you. So, if you’ve been wondering whether this degree is for you, here are five answers to that question, and five reasons to earn a DNP today.

1. You Want a Terminal Degree

If you’ve earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and are looking to take your career to the next level, you have several options. You could earn a master’s degree with a focus on one of many areas. You could also become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, able to run your own practice in many states and eligible for a considerably higher salary than a nurse with a BSN.

A Doctor of Nursing Practice, however, is the ultimate degree. If you want to reach the pinnacle of your career in clinical nursing, this is the degree to choose after earning your MSN. On the other hand, if you want to teach, you might want to opt for a PhD in Nursing. For those who are looking for the highest possible nursing role in a hospital or clinic, though, the DNP is the way to go.

2. You Want Access to the Newest Technology

Because their positions are so advanced, nurses who possess a DNP are among the first to experiment with new technologies and use the latest medical techniques. Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, after all, and someone has to keep up with all those new innovations and make sure they work in an actual clinical setting. That’s what DNPs often do, first using those technologies themselves and then teaching nurses beneath them to do the same.

3. You Want to Renew Your Career

It’s possible to get stuck in a rut at any age. No matter how much you love and value your career as a nurse, you may have hit a bit of a plateau. If you feel like you’ve learned what there is to learn and seen what there is to see, it might be time to rejuvenate your job with a DNP. The increased confidence and knowledge can make your career much more rewarding.

4. You Want to Increase Your Network

Networking brings many interesting opportunities, but after you’ve been out of school for a while, the ability to forge new contacts drops off. If you want to make sure you hear about the latest career options, work abroad jobs or experimental studies, a new network can bump you to the front of the line. There’s no better way to learn and do more than by knowing more people, and a program puts you in touch with tons of other highly trained nurses, doctors, administrators and educators.

5. You Want to Earn a Faith-Based Degree

Medicine – like much of the scientific world – has a reputation of being separated from God, but that’s not true at all. Healing is a very spiritual discipline, and with the right program, you can integrate your faith with your goals fully. If you’re a Christian who wants to honor your religious heritage while getting the best possible nursing education, Abilene Christian University is an excellent option.

Would you like to learn more about earning a DNP today? Our Doctor of Nursing Practice degree will transform your career and your life with a high quality education, the best professors, and a compassionate, cutting-edge approach to the clinical side of medicine. We invite you to get in touch with us to learn more today by calling 855-219-7300 or contacting us through our website.

There’s no time like the present to launch a new, better direction in your career. Don’t wait any longer to get in touch and build the career of your dreams. Your life, and the world, are waiting.

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