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The Four Critical Functions of Every Manager

Just like a plane can’t fly without a pilot, businesses cannot succeed without leadership. At the heart of every successful business is a successful manager. Whether that is one individual or a group of leaders, their function is critical for the company to thrive. Much has been written about leadership styles within the business world. … Continued
an MBA and a MSM

What are the Differences Between an MBA and a MSM?

If you are looking for a way to get ahead in business and make yourself more appealing as a candidate for various positions, expanding your education may be a key to reaching your goals. Both a Master of Science in Management and a Master of Business Administration provide a way for individuals of all ages … Continued

Demian Gass

Student Spotlight: Demian Gass

Born in Germany, Demian Gass spent the first five years of his life in Switzerland before his family emigrated to Zambia in 1999. He currently lives in the capital city, Lusaka, and is enrolled in ACU Online’s Master of Science in Management (MSM) program. While earning his Bachelor of Science in Integrated Environmental Studies at … Continued


M.S. in Management: Operations and Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in Management program at Abilene Christian University prepares professionals for Christian service and leadership in the global marketplace. If your career goals include Operations and Supply Chain Management, we can offer you specialized training in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Who Can Benefit From an MSM in Operations and Supply Chain … Continued

Master of Science in Management

Leadership Meets Innovation: ACU’s Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management program at ACU provides prospective leaders the needed tools to excel at business in today’s competitive atmosphere.  Whether you are looking to enter into the field of management for the first time, or simply want to build upon your undergraduate degree, the skills gained through this online program are … Continued