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Student Spotlight: Liz Zamudio

Liz Zamudio sees her role as more than just a mom or student. In fact, she sees herself as an example for others to follow. Whether she’s raising her family, tutoring her kids, battling cancer, or communicating with her professors to complete her degree on-time, Liz is a testament of what it means to be … Continued
Katie Pitts

Faculty Spotlight: Katie Pitts

The aspect of active listening and understanding speech is not an easy skill to master. In a society full of noise and constant communication between humans and our personal devices, it’s people like Dr. Katie Pitts that stop, look, listen, and more importantly, study how people hear the world around them. Focusing on teaching students … Continued


Student Spotlight: Kayla Perez

Three words can be used to describe Kayla Perez: bright, young, and full of life. As a self-proclaimed Houston, Texas native and proud Latina, Kayla Perez is the perfect example of a go-getter. From studying around the clock to taking care of her horses to spending time with her boyfriend and family, Kayla doesn’t let … Continued