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Compass Roadmap | Child & Family Therapy

Begin Your Journey
First Year
Pursue Community
Second Year
Pursue Hospitality
Third Year
Pursue Calling
Fourth Year
Pursue Wisdom
Grow Intellectually
  • Meet the faculty during Wildcat Week
  • Develop research skills in Cornerstone
  • Explore the life of Jesus and the New Testament church in BIBL 101 and 102

  • Support your peers by attending ACU's URCI Festival
  • Explore the Old Testament in BIBL 211
  • Learn all about CFS in FAM 251: Intro to Family Studies

  • Engage in a faculty-mentored research or creative project
  • Participate in information literacy workshop
  • Learn about couples and families in FAM 356: Sexuality & Intimacy and FAM 452: Parenting & Family Skills

  • Present at URCI Festival or other conference
  • Complete your Capstone Course - FAM 485: Ethics
Grow Spiritually
  • Experience Candlelight Devo during Wildcat Week
  • Participate in Chapel, including CFS Chapel
  • Participate in the life of a local church
  • Engage in practices of meal fellowship, testimony and breath prayer

  • Participate in Chapel, including CFS Chapel
  • Participate in the life of a local church
  • earn about service opportunities at the Local Missions Fair
  • Volunteer in the Abilene community
  • Grow through the Brooks-Sullivan weekly Bible Study
  • Engage in practices of intercessory prayer, pilgrimage and journaling
  • Participate in the life of a local church
  • Gain hands-on ministry experience on a Global Service Trip
  • Volunteer with a family-service organization
  • Lead CFS Chapel
    Engage in practices of silence, spiritual listening and examen
  • Participate in Chapel, including CFS Chapel
  • Participate in the life of a local church
  • Receive and extend blessings to others at Senior Blessing
  • Experience Candlelight Sendoff
  • Engage in practices of friendship, relinquishment and developing a rule of life
Grow Personally
  • Take StrengthsFinder and reflect on how your results
  • Join a student organization
  • Identify a potential faculty, staff or older student mentor in Child & Family Services
  • Care for your whole person by developing a Personal Exercise Prescription
  • Grow as a leader through ACU Leads

  • Take advantage of recreation opportunities on campus (Rec Center, intramurals, etc)
  • Actively engage in a student organization
  • Learn about your family through a genogram

  • Develop your leadership skills while serving in a leadership role on campus
  • Lead in a church ministry or local service organization

Grow Culturally
  • Attend events hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)
  • Explore opportunities at a Study Abroad interest meeting
  • Attend events hosted by the International Students Association (ISA)
  • Study abroad in Oxford, Leipzig or Montevideo
  • Attend Events hosted by the Carl Spain Center on Race Studies and Spiritual Action
  • Participate in a World Wide Witness summer internship
  • Lead an OMA, ISA or Carl Spain Center event
Grow Professionally
  • Activate your Handshake profile and take the Career Explorer Inventory through ACU’s Career Services
  • Learn new creative possibilities through Creative U

  • Research graduate schools that interest you
  • Identify faculty members to write recommendations
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile
  • Identify and get approval for a field experience and/or practicum site
  • Connect with professionals at TxCFR
  • Explore career options at the MFT Open House
  • Finalize a rĂ©sumĂ©
  • Secure letters of recommendation
  • Apply for jobs and/or graduate school
  • Gain field experience in FAM 495: Practicum

Exploring Areas of Growth

Five Areas of Growth

  • Grow Intellectually – Sharpen your mind through critical thinking, problem solving and engaging in original research or creative projects. Build knowledge in your field and develop relevant skills through innovative and experiential assignments and activities.
  • Grow SpirituallyGrow in likeness of Christ, as the Spirit leads both individuals and communities into deeper love of God and others. Cultivate Christian community, hospitality, vocation and wisdom through reflective participation in community practices such as worship, study and service. 
  • Grow Personally – Mature as a whole person through mentorship, peer-to-peer relationships and cultivating habits that produce wellness. Discover your strengths, become a productive team member and grow as a leader.
  • Grow Culturally – Deepen intercultural knowledge and the ability to communicate with and relate to people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and geographic areas. Foster a greater respect and empathy for all peoples through building dynamic and mutually rewarding relationships in local and global contexts. 
  • Grow Professionally – Prepare for a meaningful career by exploring options, participating in career development activities, gaining relevant experiences and making purposeful connections that launch your professional life.

Integrated Spiritual Formation Themes


NOTE: Transfer students and those that surpass traditional semester cadences can progress to the next phase when appropriate for their needs.

Year 1 – Pursue Community

Connecting students to cruciform relationships with peers and adults on campus and in Abilene through compelling opportunities to invest in a variety of Christian organizations, both discovering and experiencing the distinctive nature of Christian community.

Year 2 – Pursue Hospitality

Engaging students in encounters with diverse peoples, ideas, and cultures through both local and global opportunities to extend and receive hospitality and to serve others in Christ’s name.

Year 3 – Pursue Calling

Advancing students’ understanding of vocation in a manner that integrates each student’s particular identity, career goals and vision for life with the broad calling for Christians to participate in the ongoing mission of God revealed in the pattern of Christ’s life and death.

Year 4 – Pursue Wisdom

Launching students into cruciform and purposeful living beyond the university by equipping them with tools for and experiences seeking Christian wisdom as they prepare to transition into a new season of life and career.