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Delve into complex questions about the functioning of the human mind, the stages of human development, and the behavioral and mental processes that guide our day-to-day lives through a degree in psychology from ACU.

Delve into complex questions about the functioning of the human mind, the stages of human development, and the behavioral and mental processes that guide our day-to-day lives through a degree in psychology from ACU.

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Here at ACU, you’ll study the very best of psychological science and do important research alongside our faculty. All of this happens in a space where we pay attention to the spiritual truth that our ultimate joy and happiness is found in God.

B.S. in Psychology

Degree Details

Our Bachelor of Science degree program will equip you for graduate studies and professional training in psychology. Find important details about this and related degree plans. Explore the various paths available with this major.

Tracks & Related Degrees

Child Emphasis
Counseling Related
General Psychology
Research Oriented

Required Hours

University hours: 56
Major hours: 53
Elective hours: 19

Total hours: 128 credit hours

APPDP bachelor’s-to-master’s hours: 150

Example Coursework

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Experimental Psychology

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Minors Available

ACU offers a minor in this study. You can learn more about this minor by viewing the catalog or explore all of the minors available at the button below. We encourage you to contact the department, for further assistance on how to enhance your degree with this minor.



Career Options

Consider the wide range of exciting careers available with a bachelor’s in psychology.

  • Case Manager
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Market Researcher
  • Social Services Specialist

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Pursue knowledge in the history, theories and concepts of psychology while gaining practical skills for clinical, counseling, industrial and other vocational settings. Through courses on core ideas in psychology and electives that dig deeper into your areas of interest, you will develop your understanding, creativity and vision for using your career as an instrument of Christian service. These fundamental skills provide a foundation for graduate and professional training as a psychologist or in a variety of other career paths.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

In partnership with ACCEL, psychology students at ACU pursue undergraduate research alongside faculty members, obtain service-learning internships to gain practical experience and seize opportunities to study and serve in many corners of the world. Students may also engage in community-based learning or join the Student Association of School Psychology.

Accelerated Professional Psychology Degree Plan (APPDP)

If you are focused on graduate training to become a professional counselor or to pursue doctoral study in psychology, you may be eligible to complete 24 credit hours of graduate coursework that count as electives toward your bachelor’s degree and as required credits toward your master’s degree from ACU in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology or Specialist in School Psychology. 

Undergraduate students who have completed 60 credit hours, maintain a GPA over 3.5 and have been accepted into a graduate program in psychology at ACU are eligible to apply for the APPDP. Once you have completed 90 credit hours, you can take up to six hours of graduate coursework in each semester of your senior year, which provides an accelerated path to the 150 credit hours necessary to complete both degrees.

After Graduation

Study group

Through ACU’s accelerated bachelor’s-to-master’s option, you can move directly into a career in industrial–organizational psychology or as a psychological assistant under a counseling, clinical or research psychologist. You’ll also be prepared to pursue doctoral studies and licensure for a vocation as a clinical, counseling or school psychologist.

The expertise of a bachelor’s degree in psychology benefits many professions. Our graduates are setting the standard for excellence through a variety of careers as a:

  • Counselor
  • Case Manager
  • Child Care Worker
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Social Services Specialist
  • Advertising Agent


Our expert faculty are exemplary teachers, prolific scholars, experienced counselors and dedicated Christians who see personally to your academic, professional and personal growth.