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Theatre major steps onto new stage with oil and gas internship

Tré McLeod, senior musical theatre major from Houston, stepped onto a new stage this summer as an intern with Aramco Services Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, the largest and most profitable oil and gas company in the world.

As a business minor, Tré was most interested in learning how international relations affect business. “Working at a Saudi-owned company provides the perfect opportunity for that,” he said.

Tré’s internship was in the public affairs/corporate communication and branding department of the company, which is headquartered in Houston. His main duties involved writing and proofreading articles to update the company’s intranet. He also had a hand in research projects for the company, sat in on conference calls and even ran a table at a safety fair alongside a co-worker.

The collaboration skills and discipline he acquired from his theatre training helped him contribute a creative element to the office, he said.

As a side bonus, Tré gained experience communicating in an unfamiliar environment.

“My artistic personality sometimes has a difficult time clicking with people,” he said. “Every day, I learn that putting yourself out there is an immeasurably valuable skill. It is the best way to utilize experiences like this one.”

In considering his career goals as a practical artist, he imagines working a day job that would allow him to attend nightly rehearsals, combining his passion for the worlds of business and theatre. He entertains the idea of solidifying a long-term position with ASC, which holds offices in major artistic cities such as New York. 

“God landed me something so special here,” Tré reflected. “There are days when I just sit in confusion at how I ended up here, and what it could mean for my future opportunities. More than anything, Aramco’s name is going to boost my LinkedIn profile exponentially.” 

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