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2018 Distinguished Alumni Citation: Sharon Epps



Sharon Epps is recipient of a 2018 Distinguished Alumni Citation.
Sharon Epps is recipient of a 2018 Distinguished Alumni Citation.

Photo by Mary Ann Morgan

Sharon (Johnston ’84) Epps has a passion for helping women manage their money well.
“Good business management principles are biblical principles,” says Epps, a cofounder of Women Doing Well and president of Kinetic Consultants.
Throughout her career, Epps has worked to help churches, organizations and families handle their finances with generosity and wisdom. Over the last decade, her focus has shifted to providing women with the tools they need to manage their wealth and plan for their financial futures.
Distinguished Alumni Citation: Recognizes distinctive personal or professional achievement that has merited the honor and praise of peers and colleagues.
“Ninety-five percent of today’s women will manage their money independently at some point in their lives,” Epps says. “And by 2030, two-thirds of the privately held assets in the U.S. will be held by women. That’s a huge cultural shift.”
In 2010, Epps co-founded Women Doing Well (WDW) with three female colleagues, all of whom had experience in the financial services world. Epps herself has worked in corporate banking, and also with several churches and nonprofits, including The Hills Church in Fort Worth, the Christian Stewardship Network and Crown Financial Ministries. Her work in these places has included training individuals, families and churches in financial management, and overseeing colleagues who did the same. At WDW, the focus is on providing Christian women with training and resources on financial planning
and stewardship.
“We realized there’s a serious need for financial training for women in the church,” Epps says. “Many secular financial service firms have seen this opportunity as a response to changing cultural trends. So we said: What can we do from the inside, so to speak? How can we challenge and equip these women?”
Epps also is president of Kinetic Consultants, a consulting firm whose two main clients are Generous Church and Kingdom Advisors. Like WDW, both organizations are focused on financial strategy and long-term planning. Generous Church works to equip church leaders, while Kingdom Advisors trains financial professionals to serve clients who want to integrate finances and faith.
“That’s been the common theme in my career: helping people and companies apply biblical wisdom to what they do,” Epps says. Based in Atlanta, she continues to work with clients across the country, making use of the lessons learned during her time as an ACU student.
“My time at ACU helped equip me for this work,” says Epps, citing the leadership of her business professors such as Dr. Gary McCaleb (’64) and Dr. Bill Petty (’64). “It was part of the foundation. I learned how to weave in sound business excellence with Christianity.”
Three decades later, she’s continuing to combine the two.

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